You can easily recreate the tastiest recipes from our canteens using our digital anniversary cookbook. Feel free to post photos of your Mensa Dishes at #mensachef and show us your results.

We also offer a free tour of Mensa Rempartstraße every month. Find out more details in our Anniversary Programme.

We want to say Thank You!

Our anniversary is not just the perfect moment to celebrate, but also to say THANK YOU - especially to you, our students:

  • Thank you for your semester fee - it helps all students and is your real contribution for more equal opportunities!
  • Thank you for your positive pressure and constructive cooperation - this not only helps us to continuously develop ourselves further and to be profitable, but also to apply for more financial support from the government, so that studying is successful for all!
  • And last but not least: Thank you for your energy, the joy and word-opennes that you bring to your region - thanks to you, life is pulsating!

That's fantastic! Thank you!

Here's to the next 100 Years:
You study - we do the rest!

Cooperation Partners