Furtwangen / Tuttlingen

The Studierendenwerk offers the following services to students who attend the University of Furtwangen:

Students of Furtwangen University have the opportunity to live in two different dormitories offered by Student Services Freiburg. They can choose between the ‘Am Großhausberg’ and ‘Albert-Schweitzer-Haus’ dormitories. At ‘Albert-Schweitzer-Haus´, student orientation staff are employed by Student Services to assist foreign students. Their job is to help foreign students with any concerns about everyday issues as well as helping them adapt to a different culture. In addition, Student Services in Furtwangen has an online database of private accomodation.

The Mensa and the cafeteria are located directly at the university. Students have a choice between two varying daily menus.

During open Office hours you can pick up BAföG applications in the AStA´s Office.

Student Services Freiburg offers regular advisory consultations at Furtwangen University regarding BAföG. The consultations are held in the BAföG office on the first floor of the Mensa.

The next advisory session can be found here.

BAföG, student loans, educational loans – hard to grasp! Due to the complexity of the different types of financing, students should seek advice before applying for one of these financing options. We offer advice several times a semester in Furtwangen.

Seit Juni 2016 ist die Jobvermittlung des Studierendenwerks Freiburg-Schwarzwald auch für Furtwangen online.

In unserem Serviceportal können sich sowohl Arbeitgeberinnen und Arbeitgeber als auch Studierende registrieren, ihre Stellenangebote veröffentlichen und nach dem passenden Job suchen. Arbeitgeber können ihre Ferienjobs und Aushilfstätigkeiten online eingeben, ändern oder löschen. Ebenfalls möglich ist es, das Studierendenwerk in Freiburg per Mail oder Telefon zu kontaktieren. Das Angebot wird dann im Internet veröffentlicht. Kontakt: Jobs(at)swfr.de, Tel. 0761 - 2101-200

Die Studierenden in Furtwangen können sich die Jobangebote auf unserer Website ansehen und Kontakt zu den Arbeitgebern aufnehmen. Auch sie müssen sich hierzu erst mit ihrem gültigen Studierendenausweis registrieren.

Das Angebot ist kostenfrei. Mit der Online-Jobvermittlung soll Studierenden bei der Jobsuche geholfen werden und den Arbeitgebern schnell und unkompliziert  passende Aushilfskräfte zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

Student Services Freiburg’s social counsellor advises students of Furtwangen University about social, personal or economic concerns on location, once a month.

The counselling takes place in the small dining hall on the first floor of the Mensa

All students experiencing problems during studying such as, exam stress, housing difficulties or private problems can speak with Student Services’ psychologists: Wolfgand Nöthen and Henning Ross in Furtwangen.

In Tuttlingen you can contact Dr. med. Elke Thies.

Having fun during your studies is possible regardless of whether you have exams, presentations or general studying. You just need to know how! The psychotherapeutic counselling seminars show students how to be successful with their studies. Time management, public and creative speaking, tips and tricks for writing essays and exam techniques are included in the seminars.

Next seminars in Furtwangen:

10.11.2012: "Prüfungstraining"

01.12.2012: "Prüfungs- und Auftrittsangst erfolgreich bewältigen

The seminars in Freiburg are open for students of Furtwangen University as well. For information about all the courses and seminars in Furtwangen, Villingen-Schwenningen and Freiburg click here.

In co-operation with the Catholic Childcare Centre ‘Maria Goretti’, the city council of Furtwangen and the University of Furtwangen, Student Services Freiburg assists students studying with children. There are places for children from three months old to primary school age. Places are primarily reserved for children under 3 years of age.
Opening times are from Monday to Friday, 7:00 to 17:00. Other arrangements can be made in cases of special circumstances (E.g. Exams outside of opening hours). The cost of placement depends on the age of the child and the amount of care he or she needs. Students do not incur these costs if the service is not used during semester breaks.

Founded in 2010, ‘Campus Minimus’ located at the Villingen-Schwenningen Campus is jointly run between the Police Academy, the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg, Villingen-Schwenningen, Furtwangen University, the Villingen-Schwenningen city council and Student Services Freiburg.
30 Children from 0-6 years of age can be cared for. Opening times are from Monday to Thursday, 07:00 to 17:00 and Friday 07:00 to 16:00. The cost of placement depends on the age of the child and the amount care he or she needs.

All students pay a contribution to Student Services. With this they pay for a number of insurances that cover study related damage occurred during excursions, work experience and when at university. For example if a bike gets stolen during lecture period. Or if you break an expensive instrument in the laboratory. Accident insurance covers the costs for injuries obtained during excursions or other activities organised by Student Services or the University.

Furtwangen University Students can use all the facilities and offers of Student Services Freiburg, for example take advantage of counselling and participate in courses, seminars or study tours.

The Office of citizen offers different Services e.g. residents and foreigners registration Office.

 "WelcomeCenter Gewinnerregion" is an entity of Wirtschaftsförderung Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg. It informs about living and working in the area Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg. 

Open air swimming pool: www.bregtalbad.de

Public indoor swimming pools: Schönwald, Unterkirnach

Nature: Donauquelle, Brend, Triberger Wasserfälle, Linachtalsperre

Sport: Hiking, climbing, jogging, mountain biking.  Many sport offers, University Ball, Company excursions e.g.from the Asta of HS Furtwangen

International: Club for international students, run by des WelcomeCenter Gewinnerregion