The SWFR is responsible for students at the Dualen Hochschule Baden-Wüttemberg Lörrach. The offers of the SWFR in Freiburg can of course also be used by students in Lörrach.

Private rooms are advertised by the SWFR on the Service Portal





The Mensa and Café is on Hangstraße. The catering business Apetito was responsible for daily food until the end of 2015. The SWFR Mensa and Café took over from January 2016.

Opening times: Mo-Fr 8:30-1:45pm

Lunch: 11:45-1:30pm

The menus




Students in Lörrach can direct their questions regarding BAföG to the SWFR. Applications can be handed in at the SWFR. For those who do not receive BAföG, there are various opportunities to get SWFR loans.

SWFR,  Allgemeine BAföG-Beratung
Schreiberstrasse 12-16
0761 2101 326

SWFR, Finanzielle Hilfen,
Claudia Glißmann
Schreiberstr. 12–16, Freiburg
Telefon 0761 2101–253

We offer advice sessions in Lörrach several times during the semester.

You can find the next dates in the information box on the right hand side.

All students pay a contribution to Student Services. With this they pay for a number of insurances that cover study related damage occurred during excursions, work experience and when at university. For example if a bike gets stolen during lecture period. Contact the Student Union Service at the DHBW and the SWFR social advisers.

SWFR, Sozialberatung, Barbara Toth, sozialberatung(at)swfr.de, Tel 0761 2101-233.

The SWFR social advisor, Barbara Troth, lends support to students at DHBW Lörrach.

SWFR, Barbara Toth, sozialberatung(at)swfr.de , Telefon 0761 2101-233

She offers an advice service on one Wednesday each month from 11-1pm in the K024/KBC office

You can find the next dates in the information box on the right hand side.

For those who are experiencing exam stress, having difficulties with flatmates or in dealing with personal problems, there is the opportunity to talk to psychologist (DGIP) Martina Crone, who has taken over the psychotherapeutic advice service in Lörrach.

Nellie Nashorn: Culture Centre

Notlösung: Club

Free time activities:

Stimmen-Festival every summer

Between the Beats-Festival in spring

Burghof: Theater, concerts, musicals etc.

Union, Cineplex and Free Cinema: Cinemas

Opportunities for students:

Hochschulsport at the DHBW

Otherwise, you can get to Basel quickly or sit and relax by the river on the Burg Rötteln meadow