Offenburg / Gengenbach

For students attending the University in Offenburg, the Studierendenwerk´s branch Office in Offenburg is the Point of contact for all Services and offers from the Studierendenwerk.

In terms of housing, Student Services offers students of Offenburg University accommodation at three different Student Dormitories: St. Martin Dormitory, Zähringer Strasse Dormitory and Goldgasse Dormitory. Applications for all dormitories must be made online.
In addition, Student Services employs student residential assistants (RA’s) to assist students from abroad.

Each semester our student residential assistants offer a semester proramme. Further Information here.

At the Student Services Bookstore, students can find a housing service for private accommodation during office hours or online.

In the middle of the Offenburg University campus is the Mensa and a Cafeteria. A choice of daily menus is available. Gengenbach University has a Mensa (Cafeteria) in the FH building.

BAföG advice for students in Offenburg and Gengenbach is provided twice a month from Student Services Freiburg’s financial staff. The next advisory session can be found here.

There are many Options for students  to finance their studies and teh Studierendenwerk offers loans and Student credits. Your can fond more Information here.

The job placement service offered by the Studierendenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald as well as Offenburg has been online since the 1st June 2015.

Both students and employers can register for our Service Portal to publish job offers or search for suitable jobs. Employers can publish, change or delete holiday and temporary jobs on the online database. It is also possible to contact the office of the Studierendenwerk in Offenburg by phone or email. The job offer is then published on the internet.

The students at the Offenburg university can have a look at the job offers on our website and contact employers. In order to be eligible for this service, they must first register with valid Student ID.

The offer is free of charge. With the use of the online job placement service, students should receive help with finding jobs and provide employers with suitable temporary employees through a quick and uncomplicated process.

Students can turn to Student Services’ Jutta Kopp-Kalic and Konrad Braun, who are both qualified psychologists, if they need to talk about or solve a problem.

Detailed information regarding individual conversations and answers to commonly asked questions can be found here:

Help with your studies is available regardless of whether you have exams, presentations or general studying. Our Seminars show students how to be successful with their studies. Time management, public and creative speaking, tips and tricks for writing essays and exam techniques are included in the seminars.
The seminars, organised by Student Services Freiburg, is also open to students of Offenburg University.

Registration and payment:

Register online. Please pay the seminar fee within the following three working days through a bank transfer. Please keep the transfer receipt and bring along to the seminar day. We or the course leader will get in touch with you with further information or regarding any further changes.


Paid course fees for seminars offered by the psychotherapeutic counselling service can only be refunded if registration takes place within three working days before the start of the course at the very latest. In this case a cancellation fee of €3 will be charged. If cancellation occurs later, the participation fee will not be refunded.


Students in Offenburg have been able to use childcare located near the university since the 2008/09 winter semester. This is based upon an agreement between Offenburg University, Student Services Freiburg and the shared neighbourhood family and community centre, ‘Uffhofen’. Students and members of the university can use this childcare centre. Student Services subsidises, upon request, monthly childcare costs for children under three years old. The contribution by Student Services amounts to the difference between the cost of a childcare place at the family centre ‘Uffhofen’ and the cost of a childcare place at a Student Services facility. This subsidy is only available to students!

All students pay a contribution to Student Services. With this they pay for a number of insurances that cover study related damage occurred during excursions, work experience and when at university. For example if a bike gets stolen during lecture period. Or if you break an expensive instrument in the laboratory. Accident insurance covers the costs for injuries obtained during excursions or other activities organised by Student Services or the University.

Want to pay lower prices in a foreign country? When you have an international student ID it is no problem. This ID is the single world-wide recognized international student ID with which you can receive numerous discounts, and it is available in the student bookstore.

Offenburg University Students can use all the facilities and offers of Student Services Freiburg, for example take advantage of counselling and participate in courses, seminars or study tours.

The Office of citizen offers different Services e.g. residents and foreigners registration office.

Cinema in Offenburg



Concerts and Culture in Offenburg


KiK Kultur in der Kaserne: Concerts and readings

Reithalle + Salmen: Classical music, readings and so on

Spitalkeller: Concerts and so on


Free time activities in Offenburg

Gifiz See: popular swimming pond

Beachvolleyball: for free for students behind the HS