Video Slam


From 2006 to 2018 the Video Slam, our forum for young filmmakers, ran successfully in the MensaBar.

Under the motto "You make films? We show them!" all submitted productions - from conventional short films to documentaries, animated films to experimental videos - were shown on the screen. The film had to be at least 30 seconds long but no longer than 30 minutes, otherwise there was no censorship (except for racist or discriminatory content) and no sorting by content. After each video the filmmakers were invited on stage, told about their film and answered the questions of the audience and the presenter.

An audience jury spontaneously rated each film with a score of 0 - 10, without any fixed criteria. The winners of the individual Video Slams then started at the end of each summer semester at the final round, the Video Grand Slam. The winning film then ran as the best student short film of the year in the supporting programme of a Freiburg cinema.

Since videos and films are now mainly published and watched on the Internet, the Video Slam, the longest running series in the MensaBar so far, died a natural death in the winter semester 2018/19...