Mondo Musical Theatergroup

Protective suits, laboratory, breathing tubes... who could have guessed that these dystopian scenes from the last MONDO production "Freiburg liegt am Meer" from January 2020 would become reality so quickly? From today's point of view, they seem almost visionary and prove the importance and power of theatre.

For years the young, student MONDO ensemble has been bringing contemporary themes, themes that are in the air, onto the stage. But what is the future of MONDO now? Castings, rehearsals, singing, dancing, performances in front of an audience - all this sounds unrealistic at the moment, unfortunately.

But just not to do anything anymore? That would be sad and a pity! We'd rather think about how to get a production going that works even in times of Corona. There are already lots of ideas! Anyone who wants to join in and contribute their ideas will have the opportunity to find out more and introduce themselves at our casting and info dates in the Mensa Institutsviertel starting Monday, July 20, 2020. All information and the exact dates can be found in the info box.


What is the MONDO Music Theatre
Do you feel like going on stage? On professional lessons in singing, acting, speaking and dancing?
To experience unforgettable, creative and intensive months with a great group? To help create a music theatre piece, to let your own ideas flow and to experience first hand how a stage production - from casting to premiere - is created? Then get in touch with us! Castings always take place at the beginning of the summer semester (2020: end of the summer semester). Performances usually take place in January of the following year in the MensaBar (this date could also be postponed in 2021).

The "Mondo Musical Group" was founded in 2007 on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of the University of Freiburg.  At that time, the Studierendenwerk produced the musical revue "The Show" with financial support from the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg foundation, which was almost like a birthday present for the university. 30 international Freiburg students were cast. Under the direction of the theatre director Jesse Coston and the musical direction of Dominik Hormuth, "The Show" was performed on a huge open-air stage in the inner courtyard of the university as part of the anniversary celebrations in July 2007. The success of this project was huge, both with the audience and the performers. The students were given the opportunity to gain stage experience, train talents and be part of a creative process.

Since then, SWFR has offered students the opportunity to take part in a new production every year, and MONDO has become a permanent institution in Freiburg's cultural life. Under the direction of Stephanie Heine (director) and - until January 2017 - Rafael Orth (music) and since 2018 again with Dominik Hormuth as musical director, MONDO has not only performed on its own stage in the MensaBar in recent years, but also at the Freiburg Theatre, the Konzerthaus, the Augustinum, the ZMF and at the "Ebneter Kultursommer".

The changing student ensemble regularly brings a musical/musical theatre piece to the stage with great enthusiasm and impressive professionalism. After The Show (2007), Footloose (2008), Company (2009), One Night in Schwarzwald (2010), The Rhythm Of Life (2011), a "Best-Of Mondo" to celebrate its fifth anniversary (2012), MONDO landed a huge success in January 2014 with the first self-written musical ENDLICH FREIburg! and in 2015 with its new edition ENDLICH FREIburg - RELOADED!

From then on, the direction was clear: at MONDO, the student ensemble develops the pieces together with the directing team, bringing in their own ideas and perspectives. This is how music theatre with local and student reference is created, authentic, young and genuine. The 2017 season came to an extremely successful end with the self-written musical Hinterwald, the crazy story of a magical-mystery tour through the Black Forest with magnificent dance and song numbers and an imaginative and very successful production.

In January 2018, the MONDO MUSIC THEATRE, as the ensemble now calls itself, thrilled around 1600 spectators with CAFÉ EUROPA, a fast-paced and very funny revue about a young generation that takes boundlessness and diversity for granted and does not shy away from chaos, entanglements and conflicts.

In 2019 MONDO presented Die WG, the most successful production to date, with nine sold-out performances in front of an audience of around 1800. Equally successful was Freiburg liegt am Meer in 2020, as a contribution to Freiburg's 900th anniversary. Shortly before the outbreak of the Corona crisis, MONDO presented visions of the future which, from today's perspective, were almost clairvoyant...

Information about all past Mondo productions can be found in the archive on the bottom right of this page.