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Young Lena arrives in Freiburg with high hopes to start her new life as a student - only to find herself in the Studierendenwerks Notunterkunft, a dormitory for students, who couldn't find a room before the semester started...
ENDLICH FREIburg!, the latest production of the Studierendenwerks Mondo Musical Group, tells the story about how hard it can be to arrive in a new town on your own, to stand on your own feet for the first time, about the adventure of finding a room in Freiburg, having to earn money and being homesick, but also about finding friends, growing up, falling in love and starting a new chapter in your life.
The young ensemble of Freiburg students dance and sing with impressive professionalism popular songs from musicals and charts aswell as self-written and self-arranged songs. A great diversity of singing and dancing awaits the audience aswell as a funny and witty story that will make you laugh.

Director: Stephanie Heine, Musical Director: Rafael Orth
Choreographers: Juliane Hollerbach, Linda Jesse, Carolin Göttling, Mario Verkerk