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Another successful Mondo season is over. More than 1600 people saw 9 shows of Café Europa. 
A big THANK YOU goes out to the cast, you were great! Thanks also to Steffi Heine and her wonderful team, to our sponsors and supporters and to our audience!

Mondo, the Studierendenwerk’s Musical Group, with its alternating cast made up of students and their constantly changing musical productions, has excited Freiburg’s audience for the past 10 years. Always original, colourful, a little odd, filled with joy of playing and a remarkably high level of vocal and dancing skills - it is definitely well worth seeing!

The 10th Mondo-Production is called Café Europa and  is being presented in a new format. The production is directed by Stephanie Heine and the actors develop their own story and interpretation of the Café as a gathering point for people, opinions and cultures- a place where home and the big wide world clash. The result is a colourful revue that covers a young European generation which regards the boundlessness, variety and peaceful togetherness as natural.

The production is filled with both famous and non famous songs, exciting choreographies, a lot of slapstick comedy, and yet depth. It’s a declaration of love to Europe. 

Director and Equipment: Stephanie Heine/ Musical direction: Dominik Hormuth, Adrian Goldner Choreography: Almut Küppers, Linda Jesse, Hannah Poganiuch, Frank Czymai


A new casting for next years production will be held on the 7th & 8th of May 2018. Further infos will be published here shortly.

Mondo-Archiv: Find out about all past Mondo productions since 2007 in our archive at the bottom of this page.


Mondo is the musical project of Studierendenwerk Freiburg (Student Services Freiburg).
The Mondo Musical Group was founded in 2007 to celebrate the 550-year anniversary of the University Freiburg. The Studierendenwerk produced the musical review ‘The Show’ as an anniversary gift with financial support from the Baden-Württemberg regional foundation.
30 international students were casted. They rehearsed for half a year under the direction of theatre director Jesse Coston and the musical direction of Dominik Hormuth. In July 2007 during the anniversary celebration the show was presented on a giant open-air stage in the university courtyard.  
The project was a huge success for the actors and was enjoyed by the public. The students were able to represent themselves through this musical as a colourful and energetic team and underline the international character of Freiburg University. It offered a chance to gain stage experience, to refine talent, and to experience first hand a professional theatre production from casting to the premier. As a result, the Mondo group has become well known throughout the cultural scene in Freiburg. The group not only appeared on their own stage in the MensaBar, but also at the theatre Freiburg, the concert house, in the Augustinum, at ZMF and during the ‘Ebneter Kultursommer’.
The ever-evolving student ensemble brings fun and impressive professionalism to the stage. After the ‘The Show’ (2007), ‘Footloose’ (2008), ‘Company’ (2009), ‘One Night in Schwarzwald’ (2010), ‘The Rhythm Of Life’ (2011), 'Best-of Mondo' (2012), 'ENDLICH FREIburg!' (2014) and 'ENDLICH FREIburg - RELOADED!' (2015), they delivered a huge success with the self-written Musical 'Hinterwald' in January 2017.


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