Café Senkrecht is open Mon - Fri from 8:30 - 15.00 h until Fri, october 2nd 2020. 

From Mon, october 05th, the Café Europa will open again at its new location in the passage of KG III.


All necessary hygiene measures are carried out in our house. Our hygiene concept ensures that our food and drinks do not pose any danger. We also ask our guests to observe the contact and distance rules:

  • A minimum distance of 1.5 meters applies;
  • Likewise, mouth protection must be worn until you are at the table;
  • Please follow the signs and the instructions of the staff;
  • Make sure that general rules of hygiene regarding cough/sneezing and hand protection are observed.

All current information about the Coronavirus can be found here.


Café Senkrecht

Students can find this standing café in the university courtyard. In addition to the standing café, there is a lounge to sit down and read.  There are also two internet terminals which offer direct access into the web. The coffee used comes from a local roaster (Tee-peter) who provides us with organically farmed coffee.

By the way: If you bring your own cup you will have to pay 10 ct less for all hot beverages.