Please note:

Due to the latest Corona regulation, our canteens and cafeterias will remain closed until further notice. There is a warm lunch to take away in the Mensa Rempartstraße and Institutsviertel, Freiburg.

Mensa Littenweiler

At the Mensa Littenweiler students can put together meals according to their own tastes. A large self-service area has many counters offering salads, desserts, a grill, a wok, pasta assortments and many other daily offers, which include a choice of side dishes.

Children under 10 years old receive a child’s plate completely free with an adult meal.

Student can purchase credit at the Service Point on the ground floor. International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) and the Identification card for the Internationalen Club für Studierende as well as tickets for university events can be purchased at the Service Point Counter. The ‘PH’ shop sells various university merchandise.



Students have to be resilient and powerful on a daily basis. Our food plays a big role in beeing well and healthy. To ensure the quality and to optimize of our food in the long term, we got the STUDY&FIT-Certificate from the German Institution of Food e.V. (DGE). To get the certificate the following criteria was met: 

  • Food: Lunch meals (best selection of food and meals) as well as criterias for smaller meals
  • Planning and cooking of meals: Criteria for planning and cooking lunch meals, layout of weekly meal plans
  • Lifeworld: Framework in the Mensa (e.g. guest communication)

The certificate is marked with a logo (on the right). Through yearly checkups the quality is ensured longterm.

The STUDY&Fit marked components of the meal plan are in compliance with the "DGE-Qualitätsstandard für die Betriebsverpflegung" and got certified as a menu line from the German Insitution of Food e.V. (DGE) als eine Menülinie zertifiziert and got marked with the suiting logo (on the right).