Attention: Due to current events (coronavirus) the refectories and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Freiburg will close from Tuesday, March 17th until Sunday, April 19th.

All current information about the Coronavirus can be found here.


Mensa Rempartstrasse

On the main floor, four different meals are served daily. Students have a choice between a reasonably priced daily meal and two other meals with a choice of side dishes. Also on the same floor, at the Mensa Pavilion there is a salad buffet, Schnitzel or ‘Currywurst’ with Fries and for those of you in a hurry, there is also a quick solution.

In the Mensa Bistro there is a salad and antipasti buffet, assortments of pasta, grilled meat or fish, Asian cuisine and a daily organic dish.

Children under 10 years old receive a child’s plate completely free with an adult meal.

Info: Easy access to the Mensa Rempartstraße


The Mensa Bar has stage acts from different cultures almost every night of the week during semester.

The café and canteens all operate on a cash-free system. Students must purchase a Chip Card which can been loaded with credit at the Service Point counter at the entrance. International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) and the Identification card for the Internationalen Club für Studierende as well as tickets for university events can be purchased at the Service Point Counter.