For all new Autoload participants there is a one-time bonus of 5.00€!
The amount will be credited to the card upon registration.

Autoload is part of the cashless payment system for your everyday university life. You simply pay with your student ID card
- in our canteens and cafeterias
- at events in the MensaBar or MensaGarten
- at the washing machines in our dormitories
- at numerous photocopiers and libraries at your university
- courses or events booked in our Info Center
- at our snack and drink dispensers

For all those who want it simple, fast but still secure, there is Autoload: The card balance can be topped up directly when paying at any of our cash desks.

You set a remaining credit limit (e.g. 5 euros) and a top-up amount (e.g. 20 euros) for your card. If the balance on your card falls below the limit you have set, you will be asked the next time you pay whether you want to top up your card. If you answer YES, a predefined amount will be loaded and debited from your bank account. If you answer NO, nothing will be charged.

Important: To prevent misuse, automatic topping up can only take place once a day. If you lose your card, you can have it blocked online in the Card Service or at one of our ServicePoints. When the card is blocked, the direct debit authorisation and Internet access automatically expire.

Online in our card service portal.
To do this, you need your card service access data. You can get these
- at the cash desks in all our cafeterias
- at the ServicePoints of the canteens in Freiburg
- at the Service Center of the Studentensiedlung Seepark, Freiburg
- at the Info Center of SWFR, Freiburg 
- at the Service Center Studium, Uni Freiburg 
- at the Info Center of SWFR, Offenburg

Afterwards, you can determine all further steps yourself in our online card portal, i.e. enter your bank details or PayPal account, set the remaining credit limit and determine the top-up amount. You can also track all transactions, block the account and rate food and drinks at any time.

Autoload is

You only have to register once and never have to search for uplifters or cash registers again.

You set your remaining balance limit, determine the top-up amount and can check all transactions or block your account at any time.

You can top up your credit directly at the checkout without having to search for money or your bank card and without having to go to a cash machine.

When you register for Autoload, we'll give you a free canteen meal: You get a €5 bonus credited to your card. And every now and then we give all our Autoload customers special offers - be it drinks at reduced prices or other little extras.

At registration, you will receive your card number and your password for the online card portal. Here you can:

- View your transactions
- Change your load amount and minimum limit
- Leave comments about your dining experience
- Block your card

Online Card Portal