With this procedure, your chip card - when a minimum credit balance is reached - is upgraded at every cash register at your request. The amount is debited from your deposited bank account. The revaluation at the revaluing devices is not necessary.

Further information

You can have your password printed out at our ServicePoints.

For your safety, the upgrade by Autoload is limited to once a day.

After registration you will receive a password for the online ticket service. Here you can view your cash transactions and quickly block your chip card.

Of course, this is also possible at our ServicePoints, you only need to have your EC card at hand.

You must register once at our ServicePoint. Please bring your EC card and your chip card with you. You determine the amount of the revaluation (at least 10 Eur) and the minimum balance.

Further information

At all service points or in our cafeterias.

Through our card service, you can log in with your card number and the web password you receive from us during autoload registration. There you can block your card online.

This is also possible at the ServicePoint, but you must bring your EC card with you.

The card block can be lifted at our ServicePoints. For security reasons, however, the registration for Autoload must be carried out again.

You must re-register for Autoload.

Error messages

Reason: The validity date of the card has expired.

Users of the MensaCard must prove another authorisation at the Service Point and will then receive an extension of the validity date.

Users of a university card (e.g. UniCard, PH-Card etc.) must update the chip card at the validation stations of the universities. You will also find a validation station in the cafeteria Rempartstraße and the institute quarter.

The chip card can still be used in the refectories and cafeterias, but the guest fee will be charged.

Reason: The card was removed too early during the previous payment or revaluation process.

If possible, reinsert the card in the device that caused the card to be removed. If this is not possible, the card must be unlocked at the service point.

Reason: Your card has been blocked by us. Please contact a Service Point.

Reason: The card is defective.

If you use the MensaCard, please contact the Service Point. The remaining credit will be credited to you on a new card. In the event of wilful damage, a deposit will be charged again.

If you use a university card (e.g. UniCard, PHCard, etc.), please contact your university. Any remaining credit will be determined and refunded by SWFR. A replacement card will be issued.

Reason: the EC card cannot be read by our devices for technical reasons

Please register for Autoload.


If the validity stored in your card is not up to date, the increased guest price will be automatically debited when paying in the cafeteria/cafeteria. Normally the validity date is printed on the card. The date stored in the chip card may differ from the date printed on the card. If nothing is printed on your card, the card has never been updated at the validation stations.

In addition, as a semester ticket, the card does not represent a valid ticket if it is not renewed. This results in an increased transport fee of at least EUR 40.00, which is reduced to a processing fee of EUR 7 if a valid ticket is presented subsequently.

Students with a university card: Please contact your university, an extension is possible at the validation stations there.

Mensa Card: Please contact one of our service points in the refectories in Rempartstraße, the institute quarter or Littenweiler. There, the validity date on your Mensa Card will be extended on presentation of proof. Guest cards are valid indefinitely and do not need to be extended. Even after finishing their studies, former students can use their chip card to eat and drink at guest prices in the refectories and cafeterias.

The validity date is also displayed on the signal conditioning instruments during each revaluation procedure. You can also go to a service point or cafeteria. There the stored validity date can be read out at the cash register.

The extension is free of charge.

Other Questions

Please contact our staff in the individual refectories or cafeterias. Here you have an overview of the respective opening hours.

or by telephone to the Studierendenwerk Freiburg

Frau Burger 0761/2101-327

Herr Hauf 0761/2101-221

Ask one of the following guests if you may use his/her card for payment and refund him/her the amount in cash.

If you have registered for the autoload, an insufficient credit on the card is no longer a problem.

The procedure for cashless revaluation of the chip card with the bank card is based on the ELV procedure (without PIN).

The ELV procedure (without PIN) works offline. It is free of charge for the customer, fast and cost-effective for the operator.

Please contact our staff in the service points of our refectories or in the cafeterias. There you can settle the outstanding payment and have the card unblocked again.

Here you have an overview of the respective opening hours.

or by telephone to the Studierendenwerk Freiburg

Frau Burger 0761/2101-327

Herr Hauf 0761/2101-221

Please contact our staff in the individual refectories or cafeterias. The last transactions on your card can be printed out there. Here you have an overview of the respective opening hours.

You can print out this printout yourself at the revaluators.

Each card has its own card serial number, which is stored in the system for all transactions in the so-called cash register transactions. Furthermore, the card only contains a personal identification number (student, employee, pupil, guest) and a university identification number (Studierendenwerk, University of Freiburg, etc.). The Studierendenwerk has no access to personal data (such as name, address, matriculation number) and does not need this information. A validity date can be used to check the access authorization to the facilities at any time. The cards can be blocked centrally in case of misuse or loss.