The MensaCard is for non-matriculated students and guests.


The MensaCard is a cashless payment method for all the facilities of the Studierendenwerk. It contains a very rapid contactless Mifare-Chip.

You can eat and pay cash-free in all the cafeterias and cafés of the Studierendenwerk with the MensaCard.


Paying at the register is much quicker. With the MensaCard it only takes about 2 seconds.


  • Guests
  • School pupils (with ID)
  • Students and employees of schools, who do not produce a card in cooperation with the Studierendenwerk (with ID)
  • Students of the University who do not have a UniCard, so long as the University does not issue the UniCard to all students (with ID)
  • Employess of other facilities and state offices (with ID, and depending on particular agreements with the Studierendenwerk).


At all the cash registers of the Service Points in the cafeterias and cafés.


The MensaCard is issued in exchange for a 7,00 € deposit. You can load it up with cash at the register and immediately put it to use.

When you return your MensaCard, you get your 7,00 €  deposit and any remaining credit back.


Your MensaCard can be loaded at machines in all the larger faciities of the Studierendenwerk as well as at the cash registers of the Service Points in the cafeterias, either with cash or your ec-card (preferred).

The minimum amount you can add to your card with cash is 10 €. The maximum value of your card is limited to 75 €.


Lay your card on the reader and in 2 seconds the funds will be deducted.

Remove your card and do your best not to damage or lose it.


You can get a new MensaCard under the same conditions as the first one.

It is unfortunately impossible to pay you any remaining credit. Because the card is not, out of reasons of data protection, issued to you personally, the credit is anonymous to the same extent as cash.