Food for all Mensas is bought through Student Services’ central purchasing. As a rule, Student Services strives to buy regional produce to avoid unnecessarily long transport routes. Non-regional producers are only resorted to when local ones cannot provide the high quantities required. Vegetables and potatoes come from regional producers on special request of Student Services. Dairy products are also sourced regionally with meat and fish coming from suppliers in Baden-Wüttemberg.


The students of the Environmental Governance Master’s Program have helped us to compile an overview of the ingredients for two dishes from the cafeteria.

Thousands of students eat in our cafeterias every day. Many of the students might not think too much about the food on their plates, but where do the ingredients really come from? At which stage of production are the ingredients before they make their way to their plates?

The students of the Environmental Governance Master´s Program (MEG) have proposed these two such questions. In order to answer these questions, they had to hit the road and follow the trail of the ingredients of two of the cafeterias most beloved dishes. Where do the ingredients for Beef Stroganoff with Ribbon-noodles and salad or Eggplant and Carrot Masala with rice, dip and salad come from?

You can see the answers for yourself in the graphics below or in Mensa I and II.

Regular TÜV-Tests and implementation of health laws ensure a high quality food standard including ingredients and preparation. Independent regulators and certifiers regularly control our gastronomic facilities.

Since 2011, we have sourced exclusively MSC certified fish and eggs from alternative farming and have been awarded ‘The Goldenen Ei’.

Student Services Freiburg co-operates with Student Services Südwest in a purchasing co-operative. Eight Student Services in Baden-Württemberg as well as Kaiserlautern, Trier and Saarland are involved in the co-operation. The co-operation’s purchasing power is very influential and maintains development and implementation of our quality standards. Our common goal is sustainability and is reached through our influential co-operation.

Only organic fair trade coffee is served in the co-operation’s cafeterias.

Other products are also regulated for example; ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard do not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives. 

We source chiefly local produce.

We take your feedback and criticism on board. You can share your opinion about the Mensa/ food with us using the contact form on the right hand side of this page.

In the three big Freiburg Mensas, you also have the opportunity to rate your meal directly after you have finished eating. In the Mensa Rempartstraße, Institutsviertel and Littenweiler there are voting terminals which allow you to rate any dish served on that particular day with 1-5 stars. Our Mensa managers keep a close eye on the results. Your opinion is incorporated in the planning process.

There is always a ‘Favourite Food Week’ at the end of each semester, during which the dishes with the highest ratings are served.