Operate fairly and locally

  • We offer traded, organic coffee, tea, lemonades, and snack-bars.
  • Milk products as well as the organic oat-drink are sourced from a local dairy.
  • Our organic soy yoghurt alternative is produced regionally.
  • The eggs we process come mainly from a local free-range poultry farm.
  • We offer potatoes from local producers.
  • Our beef and pork come from the regions of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.
  • We offer fresh poultry meat from producers in Germany and Alsace.
  • Our apple juice is bottled locally.
  • We offer pasta from a regional producer.
  • We purchase fresh-baked goods from bakeries in the region.
  • We offer fresh fruit and vegetables, locally grown potatoes, and our regional asparagus is certified organic.

Operate responsibly and sustainably

  • Our products are not genetically modified.
  • Oils, frying fat, and deep-frying fat are purely vegetable and are cholesterol-free.
  • We work closely with our suppliers to ensure compliance with our specifications.
  • We purchase products without additives whenever possible.
  • Sustainable alternatives to disposable cups are available.
  • We offer MSC-labelled fish from sustainable fisheries (MSC-C-51739).
  • We support the Initiative “Huhn und Hahn Baden-Württemberg” (an initiative against the killing of chicks in laying hen farms).

Undergo regular inspections

  • Öko-certifications take place in all our cafés and some refectories (DE-ÖKO-007).
  • Our hygiene concept is inspected by an external hygiene institute.


  • Take home leftovers (reduces food waste).
  • If you are not hungry, ask for a smaller plate at the counter (reduces food waste).
  • Use returnable cups instead of disposable ones (waste avoidance).
  • Opt for fewer meat dishes; we always offer vegetarian or vegan alternatives (climate).
  • Use salt and pepper in portions: first try, and then take! Or bring it back to the counter or station (waste avoidance).
  • Only take as many napkins as you need

Nachhaltige Mensa AG

We are in regular contact with the Nachhaltige Mensa AG. The Nachhaltige Mensa AG is committed to better communication and exchange between the student union and students regarding all Mensa issues, as well as to more sustainability (e.g. more regional and seasonal food, plant-based alternatives).