We act fairly and regionally

  • We offer organic coffee, organic lemonades and organic bars from fair trade.
  • We buy the organic coffee in Café Senkrecht from a local roasting plant.
  • Our milk products come from a regional dairy.
  • Eggs processed by us come predominantly from a regional poultry farm and from free-range husbandry.
  • The fresh potatoes come from local cultivation and our regional asparagus is certified organic.
  • We buy our pasta from a regional producer.
  • Fresh beef and pork come from the region of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.
  • Fresh poultry meat from producers in Germany and Alsace.
  • Our apple juice is bottled in the region.
  • We purchase fresh bakery products from bakeries in the region.

We act responsibly and sustainably.

  • We do not use genetically modified products.
  • Our dining halls are glutamate-free zones.
  • Oils, frying and frying fats are purely vegetable and cholesterol-free.
  • We know our suppliers and ensure compliance with our specifications.
  • We buy our products without additives.
  • We buy exact quantities, cook in batches and therefore discard very little.
  • We have organic tea.
  • We offer sustainable alternatives to the To-Go-cup.
  • The MSC labelled fish comes from sustainable fishing.
  • We support the Initiative Huhn und Hahn Baden-Württemberg (Initiative: against chicken killing in laying hen farming).

We let ourselves be controlled

  • All our cafeterias are certified organic.
  • Our hygiene concept is controlled by an external hygiene institute.


You can do that:

  • Take home leftovers. (Food Waste)
  • If you are not hungry, order a smaller plate at the counter (food waste)
  • Say how much you want when you look it up
  • Use returnable cups instead of paper to-go cups (waste avoidance)
  • Return plates, cups and cutlery after use, they will be reused (waste avoidance)
  • Take less meat dishes, there are always vegetarian or vegan alternatives (climate)
  • Salt and pepper in portions: first try, then fetch! Or bring it back again (waste avoidance)
  • Only take as many napkins as you need
  • Inform fellow students about these possibilities
  • Use organic products and dishes (Mensa 1 in the buffet)
  • For further ideas, suggestions and wishes please email the Studierendenwerk