Mensa Institutsviertel

Contact data collection and hygiene rules

Please note that we need to collect your contact information during your visit. After payment you will receive a separate receipt with a QR code. Please scan this QR code with your cell phone, after that the internet page of the Studierendenwerk will open, where you have to enter your contact data. Please also note the applicable hygiene and Corona rules on site.


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Mensa Institutsviertel

The Mensa Institutsviertel is located in the middle of the natural science campus, in the northeastern part of Freiburg. Here you can find a varied offer. You can expect vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes. You have a choice of four different dishes, plus a large self-service area with a salad bar, a front cooking area where the food is prepared in front of the guests, an action counter and an antipasti buffet. The dining hall has an outdoor area that invites guests to eat and relax outdoors.

Info: Easy access to the Mensa Institutsviertel

On the ground floor of the Mensa a Service Point Counter and a lounge area with sofas.