Mensa Littenweiler

The canteen Littenweiler is open again

Students can eat a hot lunch at the Mensa Littenweiler.

From 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, students can choose between two meals, one of which is always vegetarian or vegan. 

Contact data collection and hygiene rules
Please note that we need to collect your contact information during your visit. After payment you will receive a separate receipt with a QR code. Please scan this QR code with your cell phone, after that the internet page of the Studierendenwerk will open, where you have to enter your contact data. Please also note the applicable hygiene and Corona rules on site.


For more sustainability, we offer a practical glass box if time is short and you prefer to take your Mensa food with you. The glass box is available for the price of five euros or in exchange for the five-euro Autoload start bonus. The box is available at the Rempartstraße Mensa at the ServicePoint and at the look-up counter as well as at the ServicePoint of the Mensa Institutsviertel, Mensa Littenweiler, Mensa Flugplatz and MusiKantine. 

Additives labelling