Mensa Lörrach

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Contact data collection and hygiene rules

Please note that we need to collect your contact information during your visit. After payment you will receive a separate receipt with a QR code. Please scan this QR code with your cell phone, after that the internet page of the Studierendenwerk will open, where you have to enter your contact data. Please also note the applicable hygiene and Corona rules on site.


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Mensa Lörrach

At the same time refectory and cafeteria is our catering facility at the Duale Hochschule Lörrach. The Mensa(ria) has a very nice, calming terrace that offers a wonderful view of the greenery. Every day we offer three different menus here, one of them is always vegetarian, in addition to the offer there are delicious and fresh salads, soup, desserts and various side dishes. From morning to afternoon you can also get here fresh sandwiches, pretzels, various Danish pastries, delicious muffins, donuts and fresh cake slices. In our assortment there are also many vegetarian and vegan products. Sweets and ice cream, organic and fair trade products, and of course a wide selection of hot and cold drinks are also available at the Mensa(ria).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Mensa(ria) and UniCard, the staff will be happy to assist you.