Living in Freiburg

Freiburg is among the most popular cities in Germany. Therefore, the cost of living isn’t the cheapest either. According to recent studies, the average student in Freiburg has a monthly budget of 720€. The minimum cost of living is estimated at 690€, which is slightly lower than the maximum rate provided through BAföG (735€).

Students should expect the following cost of living per month:


Rent including Utilities

210 - 450 €


180 €


60 €

Health and nursing care insurance

80 €

Phone, Internet and radio licence fees

50 €

Working and Learning Material

40 €

Free time, cultural events and sports

70 €

Total Amount

690 - 930 €





Please note: Starting with the winter term 2017/18, students from Non-EU-Countries, who are enrolled at a university in Baden-Wuerttemberg, are required to pay 1,500€ per semester in tuition fees to their institution of higher education. Further information can be provided by the respective institution.