For Applicants going through the asylum procedure

For refugees who are still in the process of seeking asylum it is possible to take up studies in Germany, but due to a lack of financing options it is rather difficult to commence studies at this stage.

With the commencement of the winter semester 2017/2018, 1500€ in tuition fees will be charged per semester for international students, who are enrolled at universities in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. Asylum seekers who are of an origin with an increased protection quota (currently Syria and Eritrea (since 01/08/2019) will be exempted from paying these fees.

Individuals currently going through the asylum procedure are not eligible for a BAFÖG stipend or support through the Garantiefonds Hochschule.

Those with a 'high' probability of being granted asylum (from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Eritrea) can apply for admission to an integration class whilst in the process of seeking asylum. Anybody who is not from one of those countries and still going through the asylum procedure will not be eligible to enroll in a federally financed integration course. Furthermore, opportunities may be limited due to residence constraints.

If one manages to overcome all this and has been accepted to a university, one can still receive benefits through the German social welfare law for asylum seekers for the first 15 months. If the asylum procedure has not been completed within 15 months, there may be a funding gap, as there is no entitlement to BAFÖG stipends or benefits through the SGB II or SGB XII (students in general are not entitled to these benefits).