How can I achieve the required language level in German?

Recognized refugees are entitled to participate in an integration course, which is funded by the federal government and concludes in the language proficiency level B1. Individuals with a 'high' probability of being granted asylum (from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea and Somalia) may also apply for these courses whilst going through the asylum procedure.

Additionally, Freiburg has a Sprachkolleg for foreign students, which also offers German classes for foreign university applicants.

As these classes are very costly, the funding may pose a problem. However, there may be opportunities to seek funding through the job qualification process from the Jobcenter. An entitlement is not guaranteed though.


How can I finance a language course?

Those with a legal status according to § 23 Par. 1 and Par. 2 AufenthG may also apply for funding of a language course through the Bildungsberatung Garantiefonds Hochschule. English courses, certain special seminars, Studienkollegs or academic internships may be funded through this too (see financing).

Institutions of higher education may also offer free language classes for refugees. More information on this can be found on each institution's Website and on our Website for Freiburg region.

Furthermore, there are various options to be found online. Among others free online language courses can be found on the Deutsche Welle or the Alumniportal websites. The Goethe-Institute is also offering an online program. Germanforrefugees is even offering two applications teaching both German and English. If you want to learn the German alphabet you can find explanation videos in Arabic here.

One can find a list of online language courses (see right colum). A free aptitude test can be found at onSET. A detailed overview of the various German courses in Freiburg and its surroundings can be found in our brochure (also see right column).