I have completed a degree, but can only provide some proof or non at all. Can I still study in Germany?

If the proof of entrance qualifications or undergraduate studies is missing, there are still opportunities to take up studies in Germany. You can for example take the Delta Prüfung, which will be accepted as an equivalent to the normal entrance qualification (Abitur). With passing this exam you will be allowed to start your studies in a Bachelor degree. For Master studies the different university departments have the possibility to set up specific assessment test in order to accept the application.

More information on these opportunities can be found at the relevant course guidance centers (consult the list of contact persons in the infobox).


My qualifications are only partially recognized. What can I do?

If one's qualifications are only partially recognized in Germany, one will have to take preparation courses at the Studienkolleg. Language classes as well as subject teaching are offered at the Studienkolleg and they are adjusted to the desired program. Completion of these courses will usually take one year and upon completion the student will receive a subject linked university entrance qualification in one of the following areas: social studies, humanities, economics, medicine or technology. Information on the entrance requirements as well as the required paperwork can be found on the Studienkolleg's websites.

The Studienkolleg Konstanz is responsible for all colleges of applied sciences, whilst the Studienkolleg Heidelberg is responsible for all universities Baden-Wurttemberg. The Studienkolleg Karlsruhe is responsible for degrees taught at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Stuttgart as well as all qualified professionals who are seeking degrees in the natural sciences or technical fields. The applications for the Studienkolleg have to go through the institution of higher education at which one would like to study later on.