Where can I find more information concering higher education in Germany?

You may find general information concerning higher education in Germany on the Make it in Germany website, as well as the Federal Ministry of Education and Research's website. Information particularly aimed at refugees who are interested in studying in Germany may be found at study-in.de. The Ministry for Science and Research and the Study Guide Baden-Wurttemberg offer specific information concerning studies in Baden-Wurttemberg.

Wo kann ich mich über ein Studium in Deutschland informieren?

Allgemeine Informationen zum Studium in Deutschland finden Sie unter Make it in Germany, sowie auf der Seite des Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung. Studieninformationen speziell für Geflüchtete gibt es unter study-in.de. Informationen zum Studium in Baden-Württemberg finden Sie beim Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung und im Study Guide Baden-Württemberg.


Where can I study?

There are various types of institutions of higher education in Germany:

  • Universities
  • Colleges of Technology
  • Music and Art Colleges
  • Colleges of Education
  • Universities of Applied Sciences
  • Colleges of Administration 
  • Corporate State Universities

You may find additional information on the different institutions of higher education in Baden-Wurttemberg on the Study Guide for Baden-Wurttemberg's website or brochure.


What courses are offered?

You can find an overview of all degrees and courses offered in Baden-Wurttemberg in the following databases: Studieninfo Baden-Wurttemberg and Study Search.