Consulting services

One of the Studierendenwerk´s responsibilities is the social care and counseling provided for students enrolled at the institutions of higher education in Freiburg and its surroundings. In addition, we also provide Refugees interested in studying the possibility to make use the counselling centers at the Studierendenwerk about any social, health or financial questions.

  • Social Counseling
    Refugees who are interested in pursuing higher education or those who are already enrolled may approach the social counseling services, if they have questions regarding their right of residence, their work permit, child care or studying with a handicap. Additionally, the social counseling services will put you in contact with other relevant counseling services, administrative bodies and public authorities.
  • Medical Counseling
    The social counseling services will also answer any questions regarding the German health care system and will support you in setting up medical appointments with doctors with knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Legal Advice
    Refugees who are already enrolled may also contact social counseling services to set up an appointment with a lawyer to address any questions related to their studies.


Use of our canteens and cafeterias

Refugees with a guest student status or participate in language courses organized by the university also have the option of eating in one of our cafeterias at reduced rates.


International Club

 The International Club Freiburg offers various opportunities to meet other students and to socialize in an intercultural environment. The International Club is a platform for all current and prospective students from around the world, who are interested in making new friends and learning about different cultures. The club offers various events such as:

  • Buddy-Program, which will ease your way into making Freiburg your new home
  • tandem program, which will help you find a partner to practice a foreign language
  • The "Walking Dialogs" offer an interactive way to learn German
  • Small scale intercultural meetings and events at the Hofcafé located in the Herderbau

Moreover, the picture-dictionary Pic Me  for students is available in Arabic.