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Show the international students the ropes in the first couple of weeks!

To search a buddy

Are you from abroad and new in Freiburg? Let your "buddy" show you the ropes in the first couple of weeks! They will help you out!

Are you curious about other cultures? Are you eager to get to know and meet new people from all over the world?

Volunteer to offer assistance and friendship to international students as “a buddy”! Be a guide for services and special insider tips for life in Freiburg!


After an international student has been "assigned" to you, you meet them at the main station for example an help get them home. You will show them around the campus as well as provide orientation to the administrative organizations and authorities (e.g. regarding registration and residence permit) during the first weeks of their stay. Give an insight into the student life in Freiburg and outline the possibilities to engage in the diverse spare time activities outside of lecture halls. Point out the leisure attractions which are within easy reach of Freiburg! Maybe show them the vibrant and socially electric restaurant and bar scene of Freiburg? Where is the next supermarket?

What we offer you:

  • free membership in the International Students Club
  • use all the benefits of being a member, e.g., travel discounts with “Studitours” or discounts on free time activities, free (or on reduced price basis) entrance to the multicultural events and parties
  • free training courses to improve your social and communication skills and promote your international competency (a certificate of participation awarded).
  • you will be awarded a certificate stating you have been working as “a buddy” for the International Students Club
  • languages and intercultural skills gained while working as “a buddy” look impressive on your CV!


Being a “buddy“ opens up the opportunity to get a wide range of cross-cultural experience. Our environment gets more and more internationalised. We get together with people of different cultures in flat-sharing communities, in the neighbourhood or even later in working life, where we often have to work in teams.

Being a “buddy” does not primarily mean a language exchange course. Our homepage offers another module which is especially designed for language exchange ("Tandem"). This module offers a wide range of every imaginable language to find a matching language partner. However, a language exchange partner is chosen by yourself and we do not offer any service in return.

A “buddy” accepts the challenge to help a student from a foreign country, which he or she does not meet by chance or chooses by him- or herself. He or she can be from every imaginable cultural environment: Europe, Asia, America or Africa. Especially this is the challenge when talking about cross-cultural competence, which is acquired through being a “buddy”. Furthermore, the training we offer is free of charge.


You’re open-minded and interested in other cultures.
The position requires knowledge of German as well as other languages.


Apply to be a buddy please fill in all fields of this form. We will keep your data in confidential.

Welcome to Freiburg and to the International Students Club of Freiburg!

The first step is always the most difficult one ….

When you start your studies in Freiburg, you are probably facing a completely new situation in a foreign country coupled to a new language and a different education system. Hence loads of questions will be going through your head, like “How do I deal with all the formalities? How do I organize my studies? Where is the next supermarket?”. You probably think there is no one out there to help you.  Not any longer!

One of our so-called “buddies” will give you a hand in this new situation and help you deal with the difficulties that may arise. Our main goal is to make you feel comfortable and at home while you stay in Freiburg. A buddy that will be “assigned” to you will support you and provide assistance just like a good old friend would. :-)

You will get an email shortly before your departure and will be picked up at the Freiburg main station (either by car or public transportation) and taken to your accommodation/dorm.

Your “buddy” will also help you with all the formalities, e.g., registration or residence permit, etc. Very soon you will know your way around the campus and Freiburg city as if it were your home town. You will meet local students or exchange students like you, be given an opportunity to join the Student Union or find out what free time activities you can take part in. And that’s not all! Your “buddy” will be there for your when you have questions, need advice or just want to go for a glass of wine or cup of tea in town!

It goes without saying that the participation in the “buddy community” is free of charge!


If you want a buddy please all fields of this form. We will keep your data in confidential.