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Show the international students the ropes in their first couple of weeks in Freiburg!

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Are you an international student and new in Freiburg? Let your “Buddy” show you the ropes in the first couple of weeks! They will help you out!

Are you curious about other cultures? Are you eager to meet new people from all over the world? Volunteer to offer assistance and friendship to international students as a “Buddy”! Be a guide for international students and support them in the first five to six weeks after their arrival in Freiburg.

Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities may start with meeting the international student at the main train station or waiting for their arrival if they use any other means of transportation. You will then help him or her to find their way to their accommodation. Other responsibilities include supporting your buddy with their visits to the authorities, their initial weeks at the University and simply finding their way around Freiburg. This also includes useful information about spare time activities in Freiburg, such as guiding them to the best shops, bars and the closest supermarket.

What can we offer to you?

-          A free membership to the International Club

-          You can take advantage of all the membership benefits, e.g. travel discounts with “Studitours”, discounts for the Studierendenwerk’s spare time activities and free or reduced admission to the International Club’s events and parties

-          Free workshops aimed at improving your social and communication skills as well as promoting your international competency (a certificate of participation will be provided)

-          You will be awarded a certificate stating that you’ve been working as a buddy for the international students

-          The languages and intercultural skills gained through the buddy program will also be beneficial for your CV.


Being a buddy to an international student opens up a wide range of intercultural experiences. Our lives are increasingly internationalized in many regards. Whether living with different cultures in a shared flat or neighborhood, through shared spare time activities or in the professional world: Intercultural experiences will continue to gain in importance.

The buddy’s program has not been created to match language tandem partners. We’ve created a separate program with the goal of promoting this goal. By clicking on our website’s segment “Tandem” you can look for language tandem partners and a great variety of languages. However, you will not be matched through the tandem program, but you’ll have to independently find your language tandem partner. Furthermore, the International Club does not offer any rewards for partaking in the tandem program.

Buddies are faced with the challenge of helping international students without choosing them or meeting them by chance. The international student may come from any imaginable cultural background: Europe, Asia, the Americas or Africa. This challenge will directly impact and improve a buddy’s intercultural competence.


You are open minded and interested in other cultures. The program requires knowledge in German as well as other languages.


If you’re interested in becoming a buddy to an international student, please complete the following form. Your data will be handled confidentially.

Please note: The registration form will only be active when we’re looking for new buddies.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon.

Welcome to Freiburg and to the International Club Freiburg!

The first steps are usually the hardest…

Whether you’re starting your university studies in Freiburg or you’re part of a student exchange in Freiburg: You will be experiencing a new country, a new culture, a foreign language and a different education system.

Surely, you will be asking yourself numerous questions, such as “What formalities to I have to take care of?”, “How shall I organize my studies and timetable?”, “Where can I go shopping” and many more. You’re probably thinking that you’re all by yourself with these questions. Not any longer!

One of our “Buddies” will be happy to help you and support you in dealing with any difficulties that may arise when first getting to Freiburg. Our main goal is to make you feel comfortable and at home for the duration of your stay in Freiburg. One of our buddies will be assigned to you and will support you as an old friend would.

Shortly before your departure to Freiburg, you will receive an e-mail with information. Your buddy will then meet you at the main train station or at arranged meeting spot in Freiburg, if you’re using any other means of transportation. He or she will then help you with any administrative steps at the University or city authorities. You will be meeting international and German students in no time. Your buddy will show you around Freiburg, its various spare time activities and provide useful advice. Of course, your buddy will also be available later on, whether you’re looking for further advice or simply want to have some coffee with him or her. That way, you will feel at home in no time!

Obviously, the buddy services are free of charge.


If you’re looking for a buddy, please complete the following form. Your data will be handled confidentially.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon.