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Because of the current Corona-pandemic the International Club had to cancel all planned events of the Summersemester 2020. Therefore, we started the initative to digitalize the International Club "InternationalClub@2020". But we also want to keep in touch with you after this pandemic period, and to stay with you with our digital events.Get informed about our virtual meetings and Live-Streams @Veranstaltungskalender, Facebook and Wordpress of SWFR.

Do you want to join us at our digital events?
--> Internationaler Club @Discord is our meeting point for you. Just come over and take a look. :)

A german-french blog and film project.

Racist mindset. Populist tendencies. The fomentation of hate, anger and prejudice against social groups in the daily life and internet is current. Populist tendencies and opinion leader gain power. The division of society is accepted, provoked and reinforced. In this case racist mindsets arise and form the base of populist movements.

With our project “No space for hate and prejudice: racism and populism in the daily life and internet” we want to give space to the voices against racism and populism.

Get to know more about the project here.

In the summer term 2020 our Walking Dialogues went online to still offer your our interactive German courses. As soon as we have new dates for our Walking Dialogues @Online you can find them here and in our event calendar.

We will meet @Discord to bring back our Walking Dialogues. Our student language tutors will teach you different vocabulary and sayings to a specific topic. You will talk in German about this topic. After the little lesson the participants will take off to a virtual adventure. We will "walk" together per Google Streetview or using prepared videos or take a virtual visit of institutions and museums together. You will find our next Walking Dialogue in our event calender!

Our Discord link:

For more information about Walking Dialogues and WalkingDialogues@Online, take a look at >>here<<.

Our Café Multilingua will take place online also in this Winter Term 2020/21. We will start from 10.11.2020 and are always there on Tuesday from 6 to 8 pm! See you then. :)

Here are all the dates:

10.11.2020 6pm-8pm
17.11.2020 6pm-8pm
24.11.2020 6pm-8pm

01.12.2020 6pm-8pm
08.12.2020 6pm-8pm
15.12.2020 6pm-8pm

It is still hard for us to tell whether the planned dates for Café Multilingua in January and Feburary 2020 will also online take place. But we will inform you as soon as we know more about it.

At our CaféMultilingua@Online, each language will get a virtual "table" ("room"). You will join us through the platform "Discord" and then under "Café Multilingua". After that, you can enter the online talkrooms for different languages. If you have any questions or technical problems, you can find our moderators in the room "lobby" for their help. Our moderators can also open and close a language room anytime. Over 30 participants meet regularly at our Online Café Multilingua with guests from Poland, India and the USA. If you want to join in check our event-calender for the next event. 

Our Discord link for CaféMultilingua@Online:

For more information about Café Multilingua and CaféMultilingua@Online, take a look at >>here<<.

In the summer term 2020 our international club events went online for the first time. At our new Discord server you had the opportunity to learn more about different countries, cultures and more. Till the end of this semester, our events took place every other Thursday at 8.30 pm. We will have such online evenings in the future as well. All you have to do is to join our Discord server and to be in one of the text or voice channels at 8.30 pm; and of course, you need to bring all your friends. We will take care of everything else. As soon as we have some dates set you can find them here and in our event calendar.

Discord link:

The next events, you will find >>here<<!

Whether it is about questions or ideas, we are there for you.

You are new in Freiburg and need some orientation about the city? You want to come to Freiburg and are not sure where you can find what you need? You need advices about the right contact person for your issue? Or you have awesome idea for more cultural exchange for students in Freiburg? ...

The consultations hours are there for you for such issues. Just speak to us on Discord under "Consultation Hours IC"! We are there for you on Tuesday from 9 to 11 a.m. as well as on Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. :)

On our Discord host:

You can find more information about the consultation hours here.

The International Club has a new Discord Server. We are hosting events and Live-Streams on this Server, but the Server is also a room to connect.

The Server is open for all guests of the International Club to be part of our community, to connect or to meet friends online.

You can join our Server anytime and be online as long as you want.

We are excited to get a lively Server together with you!

If you don't know Discord and you don't know how to use it, we have a little guide prepared for you here. Discord works as Browser, Desktop or Smartphone App.

Link to our Discord Server: