Walking Dialogues @Online

Walking Dialogues goes now online!

At "Walking Dialogues@Online", we would like to practice German together with you despite of the inconviniences caused by the Corona Pandemic.

We meet each other to the event appointment in an online meeting room. Our two language tutors will teach you different vocabularies and phrases related to a certain topic. You will then also talk with each other about the topic.
We will also wirtually "walk" together. Depending on the topics, we will "walk" in different ways, either by using Google Streetview, or with the help of videos we prepared before the session, or videos provided by other institutions.

Our online meeting room is: https://meetingsemea14.webex.com/meet/yinlin
Shortly before the session begins, wen will "open you the door".

Our first session for this Sommer Term 2020 will take place on Thursday 28/05/2020 at 3 pm. The topic is "Münstermarkt Freiburg".
The upcoming sessions of Walking Dialogues will also be by and by published here.

We are looking forward to meeting you (again)!
Your Walking Dialogues Team

Walking Dialogues

The Walking Dialogues concept was developed by the Studierendenwerk’s International Club with the goal of transforming German classes into exciting culture and language experiences. The events take place once a month and are made up of two parts: First, there will be a theoretical language exercise. Afterwards, the learnt language skills can be practiced at different locations throughout Freiburg. Every event has a certain language and culture theme. In the past, we’ve already visited the Christmas market with mulled wine and the Münstermarkt, as well as a beekeeper and Freiburg’s Night of the Museums. 


You can find the upcoming Walking Dialogues here.