The International Club

- Who we are -
We are students from around the world, who are currently studying at one of Freiburg’s universities.

- Our goal -
We want to meet people from around the world, get to know different cultures, see the bigger picture and learn about what’s happening around the globe.

- What we're doing -
During the lecture period, the International Club invites you to its regular club events in the MensaBar every Thursday as well as to the interactive language corner Café Multilingua at the Café Senkrecht every Monday and many more events.  There are also the Studitours, which are trips all around Freiburg. The varied and exciting program is organized by students and the International Club’s tutors.
The club events are organized under the motto of a country, a world or cultural region or a particular festivity. Through traditional and modern dances, singing, acrobatics and martial arts, theatre and comedy contributions as well as live music, the respective culture can be experienced up close.

- Newsletter -
During the lecture period, we’re sending out an interesting newsletter with up-to-date information on our upcoming events as well as practical information for students. During the lecture free period, we’re sending out one or two newsletters. The newsletter registration form can be found at the bottom of this page.


- DAAD Prize -
We would also like to share a good news with you! We won the The Federal Foreign Office Prize for excellent international student support services at German universities (FFO Prize)! We are very happy about it, because the prize is a confirmation of our work. We also want wo thank our tutors as well as all the visitors who joined us in our online and offline evnts. You are the ones who made ours events so beautiful. We look forward to more time together with you! 
A lovely porträt video about the International Club was shot for the prize. Für den Preis wurde ein schöner Porträtfilm über den Internationalen Club gedreht. Check it below under "Watch This"!

To the start of the winter term the International Club is planning a combination of Online-Events and Live-Events at the MensaBar. Live-Streams of the MensaBar Events are planned as well. All Live-Streams and Online-Events will be held on or own Discord-Sever. You can get an invite to our Discord-Server via this link:

Everything you need to now about our online offerings you can find here!

Besides our Live-events we have a wide variety of online offerings on our Facebook-page as well as on our SWFR Blog. Check them out and be suprised what you can find. 

IC Facebook, SWFR Wordpress

During the lecture period, there is an International Club evening every Thursday in the MensaBar. We are already planning our evenings for the upcoming winter semester. The club events are organized under the motto of a country, a world or cultural region or a particular festivity. Through traditional and modern dances, singing, acrobatics and martial arts, theatre and comedy contributions as well as live music and many stalls, the respective culture can be experienced up close. The acts are students with a connection to the specific motto as well as local bands, music groups and dance groups. The club evenings are planned in close cooperation with the respective cultural associations. Therefore, the International Club has many cooperation-partners in the university and student associations.


Our International Black Forest Camp is a place for intercultural experiences, each time with a different motto, for example Germany - France. Students are invited to a 4-day stay at the university-cabin in the Schauinsland mountain. During this time, the students can experience a vast program like a black forest cake seminar, hikes, walks, intercultural seminars, museum-visits and much more

The purpose of this stay is to support international friendship by promoting intercultural meetings and offering intercultural training. The aim is to learn together and to learn from each other's experiences.


Our Buddy program is for international students as well as students who want to help international students with starting their new life in Freiburg. Through our Buddy program, they can either find a Buddy or be a Buddy, who helps with the first steps but not only with the first steps as an international student in Freiburg. It begins with picking up new students, either at the train station or at their arrival with a car. After that, the Buddies help with official business and general problems like getting to know the city and university. With our Buddy program, it is not about finding a language partner but to get intercultural experiences and maybe finding new friends. You can apply either to become a Buddy yourself or to find a Buddy to help you. 

Buddies are faced with the challenge of helping international students without choosing them or meeting them by chance. The international student may come from any imaginable cultural background: Europe, Asia, Nort- and South-America, Africa and Oceania. This challenge will directly affect and improve a buddy’s intercultural competence.


We are already planning our regular Walking Dialogues for the upcoming winter semester. As soon as the dates are set you can find them here!

The Walking Dialogues concept was developed by the Studierendenwerk’s International Club with the goal of transforming boring German classes into exciting culture and language experiences. The events take place once a month and are made up of two parts: First there will be a theoretical language exercise. Afterwards the learnt language skills can be practiced at different locations throughout Freiburg. Every event has a certain language and culture theme. In the past, we’ve already visited the Christmas market with mulled wine and the Münstermarkt, as well as a beekeeper and Freiburg’s Night of the Museums. Besides learning German, an important aspect of our Walking Dialogue is the intercultural one. Students can learn German together with other students from all over the world. Therefore, they can improve their skills together as well as exchange experiences and more


With the "Café Multilingua" event, the International Club of the Studierendenwerk created an international space for relaxed encounters. People from all over the world come together at the MensaBar to exchange ideas on various topics. In the character of a cosmopolitan café, the tables are filled with various language islands, such as German, English, Romance languages, Asian languages and others. "Café Multilingua" makes use of the diversity of people, cultures and languages and creates an inspiring and also instructive togetherness. Students of all nationalities and disciplines are therefore cordially invited to share their experiences and language skills. Our interactive language corner Café Multilingua takes place during the lecture period on almost every Tuesday. 


During the lecture period, the International Club’s Asian team invites you to intercultural encounters at our event series "Asian students welcome you". The events take place on Mondays on a monthly basis at 7 pm at the Café Senkrecht.

In the course of these intercultural encounters, Asian students may teach the art of calligraphy or introduce students into the world of Chinese legends for example. The popular crash courses for trips to the Asian region and to the Asian languages are also very popular. 

Each evening has a new motto like Asian winter festivals, Asian dances, Asian myths, subcultures and many more. With these evenings, we want to give the opportunity to students from Asia to show their interest to other students from around the world. Therefore, we invite all students to present something in the evenings them self.


The International Club offers a language tandem service for students from around the world. With this service, students can find language partners for mutual language learning. Each student studying at one of the SWFR Freiburg-Schwarzwald univiersities can partake in this service and register for a tandem account on our website. After registration the student can choose the languages he is offering as well as the languages he wants to learn. After that, the student can search in a list of everyone offering the needed languages and then contact the offering students directly to start the tandem relationship.

We also offer a Facebook tandem group to connect with more people and to get info on events and more.


Each year in August and September our study exchange between the Nankai University in Tianjin and our Studierendenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald takes place. In August, we invite a student group from Tianjin to Freiburg and offer them a 3-week program full of daytrips, sightseeing, seminars and more. In September, we travel to Tianjin in the Northeast of China with our own student groups for three weeks. Living on the Nankai campus, our students have the opportunity to experience "China from the inside". They can see the all-day life and the university life of Chinese students and they can explore the city of Tianjin, on their own and with guidance. The highlight of our trip is our 5-day stay in Beijing, the capital of China, only about 100 kilometers away from Tianjin. There, we will visit all the important sights in and around Beijing

Every student studying at a university of the Studierendenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald area can apply. Specific information about our Study Trip to China can be found from the end of April. 


Exchange students who are looking for an opportunity to discover German everyday life during their stay in Germany can do so through our program “Families for international friendship. The idea is very simple: families, who are looking for international contacts host international students. The students can participate in family activities such as Sunday lunch or excursions. However, the program comes without any obligations and any activities will be planned with the German families.

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