Initial Student Aid

The University of Freiburg offers financial help for students that are starting their studies. The program was developed in cooperation with the Freiburg-Schwarzwald Student Union. The Initial Student Aid is a scholarship for students who have special problems with financing their studies at the beginning due to personal, biographical or health-related hurdles. It is intended to serve as a bridge until long-term student financing takes effect.

  • The "Studienstartstipendium" (Initial Student Aid) offers students a short-term and limited financial aid at the start of their studies of a maximum of 400 € per month.
  • The financial aid is also accompanied by advice on how to apply for permanent financial aid and bridges the period until it is granted and paid out.
  • The maximum duration is usually one semester.
  • The initial student aid is largely financed by funds from the Maria Ladenburger Foundation.