Emergency Student Aid of the University Freiburg

Please note: This financial aid is only for students from the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg

The University of Freiburg in cooperation with the Studierendenwerk, has set up an emergency aid program aimed at bachelor and master-students at the University of Freiburg. It offers bridging assistance to those students who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in an unforeseen acute financial emergency. The purpose of the Emergency Study Aid is to counteract student dropouts due to financial constraints.

The Emergency Study Aid is financed by donations raised by the University of Freiburg. Alumni e.V. as well as the Association of Friends of the University and the Maria-Ladenburger-Stiftung have contributed large sums to the emergency aid.

Financial support from this program amounts to up to 300 euros per month and can be granted for a period of up to three months. A new application must be submitted for each month.

The subsidy amount does not have to be repaid. 

The financial situation at the moment of application is the basis for the evaluation of the applications. Please note that the emergency student aid of the University of Freiburg cannot take into account any future financial hardship that may be expected. Emergency study assistance only comes into play if the economic emergency situation cannot be compensated by other support measures, social benefits or funding opportunities.

Support from emergency student aid is granted within the limits of available funds.

Support is only granted in the month in which the application is submitted.  

There is no legal entitlement to support. Family members are not eligible for assistance. 

Please note that you can only submit this form if all mandatory fields have been completed and all required documents have been uploaded.

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The funds for the Emergency Student Aid have been collected through donations from alumni and the Association of Friends (Verband der Freunde der Universität Freiburg e.V.). In order to inform donors, but also to raise further funds, we would like to create a pool of supported students who would make themselves available as testimonials if needed - by reporting on how the support from the emergency fund has affected their situation and what positive consequences have resulted.