Financial Support

Hardship Fonds

The Studierendenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald offer support for students in undeserved and unforeseen financial hardship. To apply for support from our Hardship Fond please contact Misses Rosalowski, E-Mail stufi(at) and explain your situation. The amount and kind of support is dependent on the specific situation of the applicant.

There is no legal claim of support. All support is meant as shortterm aid. The support is only for easing the situation of student applicants.

The family of the applicant cannot be considered.



Students in need, which are in the last steps of their studies, can get one free meal (lunch or dinner) in the lecture period for a short term.

As with all other Hardship Fonds the financial and social situation of the applicants and their parents will be checked. .



KulturWunsch Freiburg is a nonprofit society with the mission to support culturally interested people which are not able to take part in the cultural live of their city because of their own financial situation. The goal is to enable these people cultural participation. An application for Kulturwunsch can take place via the SWFR, to process this application you financial situation will be assessed. 

The new Assistance at the start is a support program of the University Freiburg which was developed in cooperation with the Studierendenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald. It is a short-term financial support for the first months of study in which you do not yet have a scholarship or get BAföG. Die neue Studienstarthilfe ist ein Förderprogramm der Universität Freiburg, das in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Studierendenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald entwickelt wurde. Es handelt sich um eine Brückenfinanzierung in den ersten Semestern des Studiums, wenn man z.B. kein oder noch kein Stipendium oder BAföG erhält.

  • The Assistance at the start is max. 750 € per month
  • The maximum lenght of the assistance is 6 months.

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