Pre-financing of the rent security deposit

When renting an apartment tenants are usually required to pay a deposit amounting to two or three months worth of the agreed upon rent. Therefore, many students will have to pay an additional 750 to 1000 € in rent security deposits on top of their actual rent at the beginning of their studies. Often, this will pose a significant financial burden.

Whoever cannot raise the money in time may contact the Studierendenwerk's loan office. Through this office, students can gain access to pre-financing options for the rent security deposit. The full amount will have to be repaid within 6 months. Rates will be discussed on an individual basis.

Student's needs will have to be proven by presenting the following paperwork:

  • the latest bank statements,
  • the rental contract stating the required rent security deposit
  • the disclosure of personal employment and financial details.

A warrantor is not required.

Pre-financing of the rent security deposit is available for dormitories as well as private living arrangements.