In contrast to other countries, universities in Germany hardly award any scholarships. This is the responsibility of the study foundations and scholarships for the gifted. The Studierendenwerk helps with the search and advises on various funding opportunities. If you would like to know which scholarships are available to you, please contact our student finance advisor. Contact details can be found in the info box. 

Following scholarships are available for students in Freiburg:

For the winter semester 2022/23 we will again give up to four scholarships to honorary socially committed students of the universities affiliated with the Studierendenwerk Freiburg. The scholarships are each endowed with 250.00 €/month and are limited to two semesters.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of proposals from universities, associations and other institutions as well as private individuals. Personal applications are not possible. Therefore, we ask you to nominate students who, in your opinion, have rendered outstanding voluntary social service - within or outside the university sector - e.g. in supporting foreign students, in working in student groups or university committees, in club and/or youth work as well as in helping refugees or neighbours.

We would be pleased if you would send us corresponding suggestions. Please only use the attached form, which you can also find on our homepage and request in file form from Petra Dobronn ( The voluntary work should have existed for at least one year and should continue during the scholarship period. The commitment can be related to the studies, but should not be a compulsory part of the studies.

A selection committee, usually consisting of three employees of the Studierendenwerk and three student representatives of the administrative board of the Studierendenwerk, decides on the awarding of the scholarship. The closing date for the application procedure is 18 June 2022 (date of postmark). A decision on the four scholarships will be made by 15 September 2022.

By the end of September at the latest, all institutions/individuals who submit a proposal will be informed of the result by post. The students who receive a scholarship will be contacted directly by us. Separate refusals will not be issued to proposed persons who were not considered in the selection process.

The proposal form can be found in the information box under Further Information. 

Attention: For the next Freiburg World Citizen-Scholarship you can apply only in summer 2023.

  1. In cooperation with Stiftungsverwaltung Freiburg, the Kant-Stiftung®  with the support of the Studierendenwerks Freiburg is offering a generally two-year „Freiburg World Citizen-Scholarship“  of 500 € per month for a final professional qualification in the sense of  Kant's World Citizen Concept, which is intended to contribute and enable "bridge-building" (or peaceful-constructive cooperation) between different cultures, nations and social strata.
  2. The scholarship can only be awarded for a state examination, a master's degree or a doctorate at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, the PH Freiburg or the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg.
  3. The scholarship programme is aimed at advanced foreign students in need of financial aid (e.g. with a migration background) or advanced German students with a parent from a non-European culture (or special intercultural influences of another kind) who appear to be suitable to work on international projects or to carry out integration work in Germany/Europe.
  4. For an application students are required to know several languages and to provide training or study certificates which ensur a successful completion of an academic professional qualification and show a commitment in the sense of the cosmopolitan promotion objective.
  5. Applications must be sent to the Studierendenwerk Freiburg with a CV, a photograph and relevant supporting documents (i.e. proof of professional and social qualifications, e.g. participation in an international project, as well as recommendations by academic teachers or by church or state institutions promoting education and science or development cooperation).
  6. The Studierendenwerk Freiburg is authorised by the Kant-Stiftung® to publicize the award of this scholarship, to accept applications and to make a preselection. If there is more than one suitable application, the Executive Board of the Kant-Stiftung® (possibly with the involvement of the Board of Trustees) will make a decision - after the pre-selection of a maximum of three candidates by the Studierendenwerk Freiburg and excluding any legal action. The board then forwards the scholarship holder's data (including account data) to the Foundation Administration Freiburg, which then takes over and secures the monthly remittances.
  7. The "Freiburg Weltbürger-Stipendium" begins at the earliest in the winter semester 2019/2020 and ends after 2 years, only to be awarded again. The scholarship holders are obliged to attend the annual scholarship holder meeting of the Freiburg Foundation Administration and to submit a short written report each year.

Many students are insufficiently informed about the complex range of scholarships available. For this reason, the Studierendenwerk organizes an annual "Scholarship Information Day": At the event foundations and funding organizations present themselves and provide information about various scholarship offers. Students have the opportunity to approach individual scholarship providers and find the right scholarship. 


We have compiled a brief overview of some scholarship providers for you (please click to enlarge). The selection does not claim to be complete. You are welcome to come to us for advice during our office hours.