Short-term bridging loan BAföG

The Studierendenwerk grants bridging loans if the payment or approval of BAföG is delayed and a short-term financial emergency situation arises as a result. 

The loans amount is usually the same of the BAföG.

This is an interest-free loan of a maximum of 600 euros per month and is usually granted for a maximum of 1-2 months. The bridging loan BAföG must be repaid in full by the student (Usually the loan amount is withheld from the first BAföG payment). A guarantor is not required.

The application form can also be found in the info box under Downloads.

  • Antrag auf ein kurzfristiges Überbrückungsdarlehen
  • Kopie des amtlichen Ausweisdokuments
  • Aktuelle Studienbescheinigung gem. § 9 BAföG