Student Credit

In addition to student loans, stipends or KfW student credit, banks offer various types of student credit. The long-term loans can help students finance their entire education.

Before students take out a bank loan, Studierendenwerk checks if students are eligible for BAföG and advise students about the different types of credit.

Since 2006, Student Services has been in partnership with KfW- Bank group. The partnership offers students advice about credit conditions and applications.


The KfW student credit eases living costs of initial student studies and is considered independently from parental income and your own income. Students can receive this in addition to BAföG.


The application is only available online. Please bring a completed unsigned application form along with valid student identification, matriculation certificate and a bankcard to Student Services. Student Services will check the application and confirm your signature.




  • The amount is between 100 and 650 Euros per month
  • Students can receive the credit for 14 semesters
  • The interest rate is the same for all applicants
  • Parental income is not relevant
  • Security is not needed
  • The loan must be paid off within twenty-five years


Eligible Students


  • Students studying at a state approved German educational institution within Germany
  • German citizens no older than forty-four and have not completed a previous professional studies programme.
  • Students in their first bachelor programme or in an immediately following masters programme.Foreigners with government approval to study in Germany (special certificate)
  • European union citizens who have lived in Germany for three years.

The Federal Government offers the least expensive financial aid options.




  • Loans from €1000 to €7200.
  • Twenty-four re-payments of one, two or three hundred Euros per month
  • A one of payment up to €3600 for educational expenses
  • An attractive annual interest rate
  • Can be combined with other types of financial aid such as BAföG.
  • Aid also available for second study programmes and follow up programmes
  • Proof of performance not necessary
  • Free cancelation available at the end of every month
  • Students have four years from the first payment to re-pay the loan
  • Low monthly re-payment rates of one €120
  • Lump sum re-payments available at any time
  • Valid during internships and exchange programmes