Initial Student Aid by Studierendenwerk Freiburg

The study start scholarship is aimed at students of all SWFR affiliated universities in their first or second semester, who show special achievements against the background of biographically determined or personal burdens. It is designed as a temporary measure that is linked to the application for private or public student financial aid. Its approval is tied to an application procedure.

The study start grant only comes into effect if the special burdens at the start of studies cannot be compensated for by other support measures, social benefits or funding opportunities. The economic emergency situation must not have arisen through gross negligence on the part of the student. There is no legal entitlement to a scholarship.

The form of support is decided on an individual basis. The following support options exist:
- 300€ complementary to Bafög for a maximum of 1 semester 
- up to a maximum of 750€ as a short-term bridging measure for a maximum of 3 months 
- up to 400€ for a maximum of 2 semesters

An application is possible at any time.