Student Supervision

Studierendenwerk Freiburg organises supervision of younger students in secondary education under contract from the city. Named the G8 – project, we are looking for students from all disciplines who would be interested in this kind of supervision. A team of University students supervises secondary school students four to five days a week. The secondary school students are supervised during lunch, games, sports and other recreational activities.

University students receive training for these positions. They then receive paid positions at a school for half or a whole year. Participants can get a participation certificate for employment purposes.

Supervisors should be available for at least half a school year (14.09.2020 to 31.01.2021)

Beginning  14.09.2020
End: 31.01.2021

You can apply with our application form.

We are looking continuouslyfor students interested in working in pupil supervision.

As a result of the increased afternoon classes at the eight-year Gymnasium (G8), many pupils from the lower grades spend lunchtime at the schools. During this time we want to offer them pedagogically qualified supervision. As in previous years, the city of Freiburg has commissioned the Studierendenwerk to organise lunchtime supervision.

A team of University students looks after secondary school students four to five days a week. Supervision of the secondary students is during lunch, games, sports and other recreational activities. Supervisors form teams that supervise one class and alternate with other teams. This means that students only have to work once or twice a week. If students find themselves sick or unable to work, they need to find a replacement themselves from within the team.

Experience and a fondness of supervising children is a must! (E.g. Proven by previous related experience with children)

We have received very positive feedback from supervisors and secondary students. You will profit from working with students, staff from the school and your team.

This is what we offer:

  • Training preparation is overseen by the Pedagogic University Freiburg. The compulsory training takes place on Saturday, 05.12.2020  from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Participants receive € 12 per hour for taking part.
  • Participants receive this compensation for their work.
  • Once completed, a certificate will be presented stating the type and length of employment. This certificate is recognised as proof of an internship. (Please note: The Pedagogic University Freiburg does not count this certificate as an internship). 

Supervisory meetings are part of the programme and commence throughout. Attendance is mandatory and students will be compensated €12 per hour and appointment. Students can apply to work half a school year or a full school year. Your decision must be clearly stated in your application.

Then students should also fill out this application form.