At the beginning of this winter semester, we again offered emergency accommodation to all students who had not previously lived in Freiburg. This emergency accommodation will close on 15.11.2022. Registrations and move-ins are no longer possible as of now.


FAQs Emergency Housing

There are three rooms with 8 bunk beds each (16ppl per room). Every occupant is assigned a bed with a pillow and blanket and two small, lockable closets, one in the sleeping room and one in the kitchen. Upon your arrival, you will find fresh covers for the bed, blanket and pillow. The sleeping rooms and bathrooms are generally separated by gender.

All students studying in Freiburg for the first time. Students who have lived in Freiburg for one or more semesters already are NOT allowed to move in.

Identification, letter of acceptance from the University, 100€ in CASH

When you move in you have to pay 100€ in cash. One night is 8€. 10 nights (maximum stay) are 80€. The deposit for the key is 20€. If you stay less than 10 night you will get the remaining surplus amount you paid handed back to you along with the key deposit.

One day before you move in you will receive an E-mail to confirm your stay. Once you have clicked the confirmation link you will receive an E-Mail with all further Information including the address of the emergency accommodation. If you need the address beforehand for travelling to Germany please write a short E-Mail to notunterkunft(at)

The check-in and check-out is between the hours of 18:00-20:00 (6PM to 8 PM) and is conducted by student assistants.

A bed with blanket & pillow and fresh covers, lockable small closet in the sleeping room and kitchen, gender separated showers and toilets, shared fridges, kitchen with basic eating and cookware. There are no towels provided.

Sadly there is very little space overall and the lockable closet in the sleeping room will only fit a small suitcase.

Sadly no. The best place to would be the faculty libraries of your university or the big university library in the city center.

Eduroam works in the emergency accommodation as well. This requires a university wifi account.

When you move in you will receive a pink key receipt which you can use to register as a new resident at the city hall. Once you have done this you can also take care of your bankaccount, health insurance and matriculation. Tips on how to do this can be found here.

You can use the address given to you when moving in to receive mail. The mail can be collected during the regular opening hours of the office of facility managers.

The bathrooms and kitchen floors are regularly cleaned by staff. Responsibility for keeping sleeping rooms clean, doing the dirty dishes and taking out the trash is shared by all occupants.

We have established the emergency accommodation buddy program for this exact case. The buddies will listen to your problems, give you advice and might even have some room offers for you. If needed they can also help with phone calls to landlords or come with you to visitations.

This is how you can make an appointment with our buddies:

  • By phone 0761 - 2101 200
  • By mail notunterkunft(at)

The buddy program starts in the beginning of October and lasts until the beginning/middle of November. Generally, the buddies offer appointments every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 17:00 to 19:00 (5PM - 7PM) at the Infoladen downstairs in the SWFR headquarters in the Baslertstr.2, 79100 Freiburg.