FAQs Privatzimmervermittlung

Every student who is registered at a Freiburg university or has a note of authorization may utilize the housing intermediation service provided by the Studierendenwerk.


The housing intermediation program offers rooms in shared apartents, rooms for subleasing, separate single rooms, and apartments for subleasing.


The private room mediation is a free service offer of the Studierendenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald.

You can only receive five housing offers from us at one time. You must send us a response if the room has been rented, so that our files is up to date.

At the beginning of the semester we establish an emergency housing service if needed. This gives you an affordable, yet temporary option, in case you need it. You can find other options at the InfoPortal.


You can receive legal counseling at the Studierendenwerk office. You can set up an appointment by contacting Karl-Heinz Hermle.

Telephone number: (0761) 2101-233  E-Mail: sob(at)swfr.de


It is easier to find a room after classes have started than at the beginning of the semester. You should definitely look for a room as soon as possible after you have received permission to study at the university. If you are already studying at a university, then it is especially advantageous to change rooms towards the end of the semester.


You can apply for housing assistance at the “Office for Housing and Property“ (Amt für Wohnungswesen und Liegenschaften) whose street address is Fahnenbergplatz 4.