Questions about living in times of Corona

Due to the current situation, we kindly ask you to avoid personal contact and to come by personally only if absolutely necessary and after prior consultation. We have therefore listed the most important questions below.

Here you can find all important information about hygiene rules in our dormitories.

If you have any questions, you can send us an email to wohnen(at), contact us via the residential portal or call us during office hours (see right) at (0761) 2101 382.


General questions about the housing situation

Please call us before picking up the keys if you should show any signs of illness such as coughing, a cold, a scratchy throat or fever, or if you fear that you have been infected with the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). Telephone number: 0761 2101 204. By letting us know in advance, you protect yourself and others. We will find a solution together with you!

No. The illness of a flatmate or neighbour does not constitute a defect in the rented property and therefore no reason for a reduction in rent.   

Normally students are not entitled to housing benefit. In certain exceptional cases, however, it is possible that housing benefit will be paid.
If you have any questions regarding housing assistance, please contact our social workers at the Studierendenwerk, Tel. 0761/2101233,

Further information is available at


The SWFR offers various advisory services. The staff of the Social Counselling as well as the colleagues of the Psychotherapeutic Counselling are still there for you. Due to the current situation, however, we ask that you contact them by telephone.

Our counselling centre continues to offer counselling sessions. To arrange a consultation, please contact the PBS secretariat,
Mon - Fri from 9.00 to 12.00
Tel. 0761 - 2101-269

Attention: Due to the current situation (coronavirus) the open consultation hour on Wednesday from 13 - 14 o'clock will take place only by telephone for the time being. During this time you can have a short telephone consultation of about 10 minutes to clarify the further procedure..

On our blogwe also publish new ideas every day about what can be done despite the contact ban. Among them are walks and hikes in the surrounding area as well as cooking and baking ideas or fitness tips for at home.

Whether the caretaker or landlord is allowed to inspect your apartment depends on weighing up the landlord's right of ownership against the student's right to privacy. In the event of a pandemic, the tenant's right to physical integrity must also be respected and is decisive. Viewings that do not have an urgently needed purpose must therefore be postponed until after the pandemic. However, in the case of necessary repairs/renovations and/or other handicraft services that can no longer be postponed, you must grant access to the apartment.

Due to the closure of our facilities, card reloaders are no longer accessible. The washing machine terminals in our dormitories can only recharge the card if you have registered for Autoload.

With the Autoload payment system, you can load an amount of your choice from your current account directly onto your Unicard. Info: You can currently register for Autoload at the information shop of the Studierendenwerk, Basler Straße 2, Mon-Fri 9 - 17 hrs and in the Studentensiedlung in the Service Centre, Sundgauallee 20 (daily 8.30 - 9.30 am. and Monday-Thursday 13.30 - 14.30 pm.).

If you still want to register, you can do so in Freiburg at the information shop in Basler Straße (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) and in the Service Center in the Student Housing Estate, Sundgauallee 20 (daily 8.30 - 9.30 a.m. and Monday-Thursday 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.).

For all students who do not yet have a university card, the Studentensiedlung am Seepark now offers a guest MensaCard as a temporary solution. With this card the washing machines and dryers can be operated. The card costs 20.00 €. There is a credit balance of 13.00 € on the card, plus a deposit of 7.00 €.

After the students have received their university cards, they can return the guest card to the service points in the refectories. The remaining credit balance and the deposit will then be loaded onto the university card.

Yes. The handing over of keys for new residents will also take place as usual. See for details.  

You will find the office hours of the staff on the documents you receive with the rental agreement or on our website.



Fragen zu den Hygieneregeln im Wohnheim

Tragen Sie in allen öffentlich zugänglichen Bereichen des Wohnheims einen Mund-Nasen-Schutz, d.h. im Aufzug, Treppenhaus, Hausflur.

Halten Sie Abstand von mindestens 1,5 Meter, wo und wann immer möglich.

  • Vermeiden Sie Körperkontakt wie Händeschütteln oder Ähnliches – ein nettes „Hallo“ reicht auch.
  • Waschen Sie sich regelmäßig und gründlich die Hände mit Seife und lauwarmem Wasser.
  • Lüften Sie regelmäßig! Vor allem Räume in den Sie nicht alleine sind sollten im besten Fall alle 20 Minuten für 5 Minuten gelüftet werden.
  • Husten und niesen Sie in die Armbeuge oder in ein Taschentuch und entsorgen Sie Taschentücher umgehend.
  • Halten Sie Ihre Hände vom Gesicht fern.
  • Achten Sie darauf die Oberflächen in Küche, Bad und WC häufig und gründlich zu reinigen.
  • Erstellen Sie ggf. Zeitpläne für die Bad- und Küchennutzung um zu viele Kontakte zu vermeiden.

Einen Grund eine Party zu feiern oder sich innerhalb des Wohnheims zu treffen gibt es sicherlich häufig. In der aktuellen Lage und unter den neuen Corona-Vorschriften des Bundes ist ein Zusammentreffen von maximal zwei Haushalten erlaubt. Partys und Feiern sollten dringend vermieden werden.

Questions about the rental contract

In principle no, the contractually agreed notice periods apply. But even in this case you should contact your dormitory administration (contact see right) directly.

In this situation they do not have to fear a termination of their tenancy for this reason alone. As a result of the current COVID 19 pandemic, it has been decided by law that during the next three months, limited to 30.6.2020, no terminations may be given if the rent payment difficulties have arisen as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.  This causal connection must be credibly demonstrated. Nevertheless, the contractual obligation to pay the rent remains in force for you. Please contact us immediately (see contact information on the right)!

This also applies if you have rented an apartment or a room on the free housing market and for these reasons have payment difficulties with your rent.

In addition to a deferment of payment or an agreement to pay the rent in instalments, you may also be able to apply for housing benefit or BAföG. However, due to the current situation, there are usually other options for obtaining financial support.

Questions from international students

Please contact your German university before you travel home. If you live in a student residence, please also contact the dormitory administration. The Foreign Office of the German Federal Government provides regular information on current travel and security information:

The embassy/consulate of your home country in Germany will also inform you:

You are welcome to travel back to your home country. Your rental contract will continue until the date specified. In this case, please inform the dormitory administration.

Please contact your foreigners authority. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Homeland Affairs (BMI) has instructed the immigration authorities to issue fictional certificates in the case of expiring residence permits and the corresponding timely application for extension for a longer period of time without examination (§ 81 paragraph 4 AufenthG). The previous residence permit is considered to be valid from the time of its expiry until the decision of the foreigners authority (§81 Paragraph 4, Sentence 1 AufenthG). The fictional certificate to be issued in accordance with §81 Paragraph 5 AufenthG serves only as proof. This also applies if the application is submitted informally (e.g. by telephone, online, by email or by post).