Energy Saving Tips


  • Thermostat between 2 and 3, temperature between 20-22°C
  • 1° C less room temperature saves around 6% of heating costs
  • 1-5 times per day inrush airing (very bad: having the windows on an angle constantly)


  • keep warm water running as short as possible, even while showering or washing dishes
  • contact the caretaker in case of a leaking faucet


  • turn off your lights while no one is in the room
  • use energy saving lamps
  • always turn off devices completely, don't use stand by mode
  • turn off stove and oven immediately after cooking, use rest heat, cook together


  • avoid waste and separate waste
  • dispose batteries and electrical devices correctly

We are looking for the dormitory, which used the least amount of power between March 2015 and May 2015 in comparison to last year. There will be a price money of 500€.

This contests exists so that residents will be motivated to better get to know energy saving and respectful use of resources. Often, in dormitories with its all included costs the financial aspect will fade into the background 

In addition to this big contest, there will be smaller contests from March to May. Our Energy-Agents will inform all residents in the dormitories and on Facebook. Also, we will have energy saving tips for you.

Participating dormitories and the "Energy-Agents":

Berliner Allee with Jessica
Campus with Timothy and David
UZH with Teodora
Vauban with Clemens and Raffael
Offenburg with Arockia