Service Package for international students

Studying in Freiburg with the Studierendenwerk’s Service Package for international students.

Especially for international students, Freiburg has a lot to offer: its position in the tri-national triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland, the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains right outside the door, 28,000 students from all over the world, prestigious academic institutions and the Studierendenwerk’s Service Package, including a room, health insurance, and the aid of friendly dormitory assistants.

The Service Package can be ordered one semester at a time. It includes:

  • a furnished room in a residential group (shared use of kitchen and shower/bathroom) or a furnished single apartment (own shower/WC and kitchen) in a Studierendenwerk-operated residence,
  • student health insurance,
  • intensive personal support by international residence tutors from the Studierendenwerk Freiburg as well as the opportunity to participate at the international semester program of the student dormitories,
  • membership and club card for the International Club,
  • a welcome package with lots of useful Information,
  • MensaCard with starting credit,
  • a coupon for a Studierendenwerk-led excursion (Studitours)
  • our virtual information package for international students

Moreover for the dormitories in Freiburg an off hour service against a fee of 28.00 € is optionally available for those who arrive in the evening or on week-ends.

Price of the Service Package for one semester:

starting at 2.924,00 € with health insurance
starting at 2.291,00 € without health insurance

Applications for the winter semester must be submitted by 31 July of the respective year, summer semester applications are due by 31 January.

Your social contribution payment has to be payed to your institution upon matriculating. It entitles you to make use of all services of the Studierendenwerk: canteens, cafeterias, accident-, liability-, bicycle- and wardrobe-theft insurance, social counseling, psychotherapeutic counseling, childcare, loans and job service.


Are there single rooms or shared rooms?

The service package always includes a single room. In general, there are no multi-bed rooms in our dormitories.


Can I choose the specific dorm I would like to move into?

Since there are only in certain dormitories service packages available, you normally cannot choose the specific dormitory you would like to live in.


Can I apply for a service package as a PhD student?

The service packages are generally only available to Bachelor and Master students. PhD students can only be considered in exceptional cases.


Is travel health insurance sufficient?

When studying in Germany travel health insurance is not sufficient. An optional feature of the service package is health insurance coverage, so you do not have to find a provider of your own.


Can I pay for the service package by installments? How can I pay?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay by installments. The amount must be paid in full and on time to Studierendenwerk. Please note that the bank will usually charge a fee for an international bank transfer and make sure that the bank fee is not deducted from the amount being transferred.


Can I move into my room before 1 October (for the winter semester) or before 1 April (for the summer semester)?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The rooms are usually rented until the end of September and the end of March and are therefore only available to move into starting 1 October (for the winter semester) and 1 April (for the summer term).


How long does my tenancy agreement last?

The tenancy agreement is concluded for a period of one semester and runs for the summer semester from 1 April to 30 September and for the winter semester from 1 October to 31 March.


How do I get the key to move into my room? What do I need to do?

In good time you will receive from the Studierendenwerk all the necessary information concerning your moving-in. You will receive the key directly from the facility manager of your dormitory during the office hours.


What is the off hour service?

The off hour service is a special moving-in service for those who arrive in Freiburg outside our business hours, e.g. in the evening or on week-ends. The fee for this service is 25 € and it will be withdrawn from your account after moving in.


Will I receive my money back, if I cancel the service package at short notice?

If you were assigned a service package and paid for it, you have entered into a written agreement with the Studierendenwerk and the service package is reserved for you. If for any reason you do not come to study in Freiburg, you have to notify Ms. Tscherniak at Studierendenwerk via email as soon as possible.
In this case, an administration fee will be charged. The Studierendenwerk will try to allocate your service package to another student as soon as possible. You are financially liable for the service package, until it has been transferred to another student. This may mean that you have to pay the monthly rent, until the service package has been transferred to another student. The remaining balance will be remitted to your account by the Studierendenwerk after the service package has been allocated to another student.


Can I extend my service package to another semester?

The aim of the service package is to help new students to get a good start into student life in Freiburg. Therefore applications from new international students are treated preferentially. If there are still any available places, the service package can be extended for an additional semester. An email requesting an extension must be sent via email immediately.
An extension is possible only once, so the service package is limited to a maximum of two semesters. Then you have to find a new accommodation. It is possible to use another Studierendenwerk service, the so-called "Zimmervermittlung" (Housing services), which can help you find another place to live. You can also apply at the housing administration (Wohnraumverwaltung) of the Studierendenwerk during the application period for a "normal" dorm room.


Can I move out of my room before my tenancy agreement expires?

If you want to move out before the tenancy agreement ends, please inform the Studierendenwerk immediately. Due to the terms of the rental contract, you shall be liable for the monthly rent until the end of the contract period.