Student hardship funds

Studierendenwerk offers a range of support measures for students who find themselves in unforeseen emergency situations.

Students can request financial and other assistance at Studierendenwerk. The amount received and the type of support depends on the individual’s budgetary circumstances as well as Studierendenwerk's. Students are not legally entitled to support. The support received is intended as temporary and only to meet a certain situation’s needs. Family members of applicants cannot be taken into consideration.


Mensa Free meals

Students who are at an advanced stage of their studies (from the 3rd semester) and find themselves in need can get free lunch or dinner for a certain period of time during the semester. 

As with all hardship assistance requests, the financial and social circumstances of the applicant and his/her parents are taken into account. 



Students that receive grants from hardship funds are eligible to register for the KulturWunsch Freiburg. KulturWunsch Freiburg is a non-profit organisation that enables financially disadvantaged students to take part in cultural events, which, due to their financial situation may not otherwise be possible. Students that find themselves in this position should get in touch with Frau Glissmann at the SWFR.