Health insurance

All students, both Germans and students from abroad, must take out health insurance in Germany in order to be admitted to university. During your studies, there are different ways to get (statutory) health insurance:

  • through family insurance,
  • through a special student health insurance or
  • through a voluntary health insurance for students.

For foreign students we recommend a public health insurance. There, students get a favourable student rate until the completion of the 14th semester - but at the most until the age of 30 years. In the case of private insurance, it is essential to carefully check the insurance conditions and exclusions!

You find further information below.

Students are generally subject to health insurance. Students who are covered by private health insurance and wish to be exempted from student health insurance must submit a confirmation of their private health insurance to a statutory health insurance fund and apply for "Exemption from compulsory student insurance". Attention: This exemption is valid for the entire period of study. The exemption notice must be presented with the documents for enrolment.

During your studies, there are different ways to be covered by health insurance: either by family insurance, by special student health insurance or by voluntary health insurance for students.

Students are not subject to health and nursing insurance if they have family insurance. Normally, students can take out family insurance free of charge up to the age of 25 (normally up to the age of 27 in the case of privately insured persons), i.e. they do not have to pay their own insurance contributions. However, this only applies if their total monthly income does not exceed € 470. An extension of the statutory family insurance is possible for up to one year, e.g. due to military service or voluntary service.

Students who are no longer covered by family insurance are required to take out student health and long-term care insurance. This exists until the end of the 14th semester, at the latest until the end of the semester in which the student reaches the age of 30. Beyond this point in time, the insurance obligation may continue to exist if the type of education, family reasons or personal reasons (e.g. second chance of education, longer illness or birth as well as care of a child) justify exceeding the age limit or a longer period of study. The statutory health insurance funds offer a special student rate:
Since 01.10.2019, the monthly contributions to the statutory health and nursing insurance for students under 23 years of age have been 98.73 €. Students who are over 23 years old and have no child have to pay 100,59 €. Many health insurance funds also charge an additional fee, which varies from fund to fund.

If you are looking for more information just contact our Social Counsellors.

All students must be insured against illness in Germany.  We recommend that you register with a statutory health insurance company.  They grant a favourable student rate up to the completion of the 30 year.  If you meet these requirements, the statutory health insurance company is obliged to insure you at the student price.  Except for a small amount, this health insurance covers the costs for medical treatment and prescription drugs.  Attention: Costs for dental prostheses are usually not completely covered by the health insurance! 

Students from EU countries who have a "European Health Insurance Card" (EHIC) must present their card to a statutory health insurance company (AOK, Techniker Krankenkasse, etc.).  You will then receive a certificate stating that you are exempt from compulsory insurance.

Attention: if you are insured via the EHIC and take up a job in Germany, you usually have to take out health insurance in Germany! Please clarify this with your health insurance company.

If statutory insurance is not possible, insure yourself in a private insurance. Here you can get more information:  
Deutsches Studentenwerk - Information for international Students: Health Insurance.

If you have any questions about health insurance, the Social Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk can certainly help you.