liability insurance

All students that are enrolled at a university under Student Services Freiburg’s jurisdiction have liability insurance. This insurance applies to activities that take place within university grounds and are directly related with study or in authorised extracurricular activates. Coverage is up to €7500 per occurrence and covers items such as laboratory equipment. The insurance does not apply to damages amounting to less than €25. The insurance also applies to students participating in work experience or internships that are required for their study programme.


Please note that this only a subsidiary insurance. The student’s or parent’s liability insurance remains the main coverage if damage amounts to more that €100.


New: If an individuals private liability insurance will not cover the damage, one can make a claim at Student Services, and present the claim denial issued for the private institution.


Enrolled students under the jurisdiction of Student Services Freiburg that want to do an internship or semester abroad, can apply for a insurance certificate. Many companies or universities require this certificate.


For the certificate, E-mail the following information to our social counselor:

1. Surname and first name

2. Date of birth

3. Home address (address in Germany)

4. Location of the internship, work experience or study abroad

5. Exact name of the institution

6. Exact duration of the internship, work experience or study abroad (Start – Finish)

7. Declaration of your agreement that we process your data to the insurance company.

No cover is provided for internships done through students’ own initiative.

For internships in the United States or Canada you will need a personal liability insurance because the student liability insurance is not accepted.