Theft protection

Bicycle or laptop been stolen? What now?

Theft cover or damage cover is provided within University grounds. E.g. Your bicycle. The insurance covers general items such as clothing, helmets, books, glasses, stationary and laptops that might be stolen during a lecture. The protection is only valid when items are placed in safe places such as your locker. Items that are left on campus are not covered. Items are covered up to €250. Bicycle insurance protects your bike from theft and damage on campus during opening hours.  Bicycles must be properly locked. For students living in dormitories there is bicycle insurance. It covers bikes locked up and in the designated area. This insurance covers bikes up to €500.

Please note: In cases when a designated area is available for storage, students must keep bicycles there.


What you should do if your bicycle is stolen!

The Student should go immediately to the local police station and fill in a police report. Make sure you get a proof of theft document. 

1. Students should go to the found bicycle storage five weeks later to see if it has been found. Bring the proof of theft document with you. In cases where your bicycle has not been found you must get a certificate of insurance (at a cost of €5)

For Address and Opening Hours klick here.

2. Fill out a damage report Damage report (PDF, right side, Downloads) and give it to the social counsellor at Student Services, Barbara Toth, room 002 along with the proof of theft document, certificate of insurance, university registration and if you have it the bike receipt.