Psychological Counselling Lörrach

Those who have personal or study-related problems are not alone. Many students experience crises during their studies. Then it is good to have professional support to see the way ahead of them more clearly again. Often a short conversation can help.
The psychotherapeutic counselling service of the Studierendenwerk is the right contact point in such cases. In Lörrach, the graduate psychologist and psychoanalyst Mrs. Crone is available for talks.
Of course, all conversations are subject to confidentiality.

In Lörrach, the psychoanalyst Martina Crone is available to students. The respective consultation hours and contact details are listed in the info box on the right.

In acute crises and outside our working hours you will find help at the following positions:

Outpatient Clinic of the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Main street 5, Freiburg
Phone: 0761/270-6 55 00 or 0761/270-6 50 10 or 0761/270-650 20

Emergency practice of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg
at Medical University Hospital
Ground floor, Hugstetter Str. 55, Freiburg
Phone: 116 117Mon/Tue/Thu 20.00 - 6.00 o'clock;
Wed + Fri 16.00 - 6.00 o'clock;
Sat/Sun/Holiday 0.00 - 24.00 h 

As a victim of sexual violence/violence, you can turn to specialised counselling services in addition to the police(110):
Frauenhorizonte gegen sexuelle Gewalt e.V. Freiburg with a 24-hour emergency telephone number: 0761 2 85 85 85, 
Wildwasser registered association:, Tel. 0761 33645


The early years of adulthood are particularly subject to changes and developmental demands which can be accompanied by crisis-laden changes.  Periods of strong insecurity and stagnation are not uncommon at this time.  What is particularly important to do, when going through such a phase, is to seek help as soon as you realize that you are no longer able to manage things on your own, so as to avoid an entrenchment of the problem.  Crises or unresolved inner conflicts can be so all-consuming that they can strongly hinder your aptitude to concentrate and take in information, thereby compromising your ability to study. Even students who have previously been academically successful can be confronted with such problems.  The most often cited reasons why students come to our offices are the following: disruption at work, apprehension facing exams, depression, anxiety, doubts relating to self-esteem, difficulty communicating with others, conflicts in personal relationships. According to our latest census figures of German student unions, 14% of students indicated having used psychotherapy counselling because of mental health problems.

No problem is too minor or too insignificant to be discussed. Counselling can help you find your own solutions to your problems.

No – you can talk to a therapist about any problems or questions of a personal nature.

At first you need to make an appointment for an initial talk by phoning the secretary of the psychotherapy counselling or by coming in person. The subsequent appointments can be made directly with the therapist.

When you have the feeling that one of your fellow students is going though a difficult crisis, behaves strangely or is withdrawn or even has suicidal thoughts, it can make you feel helpless, because you may not know, if and how you should speek to the person.

In some cases the person may even refuse help. In such cases you can also make an appointment with us and we can try to work out together what the best way of handling the situation is.

If the situation is urgent, please contact one of the following offices
- Rescue service/emergency doctor Telephone 112
- Outpatient Clinic of the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Hauptstraße 5, Freiburg, Phone 0761/270-6 55 00, -6 55 10 or -6 55 20
- Offenburg: MediClin Klinik an der Lindenhöhe, Offenburg Phone 0781/91920
- Emmendingen: Centre for Psychiatry, Neubronnstraße 25, Phone 07641/4610


The Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre offers an extensive seminar programme. Topics include "test anxiety", "rhetoric", "stress management", "writer's block" or "time management".

For the seminar programme, please click here

You can find information about the courses on the Internet and in brochures, and you can also discuss which course is suitable for you at the secretary's office. Up to 14 days before the course starts, you can register by phone, e-mail or in person at the PBS secretariat. The course fee will then be paid by bank transfer.