Social Counselling

Our social counsellor will answer your questions concerning social insurance, child care, insurances, unemployment benefits, social assistance, students with disabilities or chronic diseases. In addition, our social counsellor knows contact details of other counselling services and important authority contacts.

Consultation hours of the social counselling serviceare Monday and Tuesday from 9.00-12.00 hrs and Thursday from 13.30-16.00 hrs. The contact details of Barbara Toth and Nerea Ulrich can be found on the right.

In this interview, Nerea Ulrich and Barbara Toth talk about their work at the SWFR (Studierendenwerk Freiburg) and the various support options for students with disabilities.

1) In which areas is the SWFR responsible?

The SWFR is responsible for the social, cultural and financial support and advice of students in the university region of Freiburg, Lörrach, Offenburg, Gengenbach, Furtwangen, Kehl and Villingen-Schwenningen - and has been doing so for exactly 100 years now.

2) Who works at the social counselling service of the SWFR?

We, the social counselors Barbara Toth and Nerea Ulrich, share the position in social counseling. We are the representatives for students with disabilities in the SWFR. The two social pedagogues offer free and confidential consultations for all students seeking advice in German and English.

3) For whom are the social workers of SWFR contact persons?

The social workers Ms. Toth and Ms. Ulrich offer counseling on all social topics and issues and are especially responsible for students with handicaps or chronic illnesses, students with children and for international students.

4) Who can students contact with personal or study-related problems?

In addition to our social counseling offer the SWFR also offers a psychotherapeutic counseling center, short PBS. Students with psychological problems (e.g. anxiety, relationship problems, concentration problems, etc.) can turn to this center. Our psychotherapists offer free individual consultations and a comprehensive seminar program. Registration is required for this. Once a week there is an open consultation hour without appointment.

5) And in case of financial difficulties?

The counseling services at SWFR consist of social counseling, the PBS and student financial counseling. The Social Counseling Service provides information on social benefits, while the Financial Counseling Service focuses more on advising and arranging student loans, credits, emergency aid (such as the Mensa-Freitisch, a free meal in the refectories for needy students) and scholarships.